Exposure of detail of close Ping Fangying of be used to: Will visit Mancunian city football (graph)

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The state visit that be used to of Chinese state chairman makes the same score pair of England nearly be about to at formal on October 19 open. Buckingham Palace of British royal family announced a series of activities that Xi Jinping is in England 15 days to arrange through official media.

From this piece of journey concentrated schedule looks, it is important that British royal family planned digital royal family designedly the member dispatchs in succession, accompany Xi Jinping's couple to enter each activity respectively, include Li Sha of British queen Yi couple of prince of Williams of duke of couple of prince of Charles of infante of infante of general of benefit of Bai Ershi, humble, crown prince Cambria, Cambridge, queen second child Andrew prince waits York duke a moment, it may be said is a battle array costly.

In the travel of the Yinglun in these 5 days of 4 night, what activity will Xi Jinping enter? What interact with the royal family? What anybody to interview? Dinner of what luxurious evening to attend? Insurgent news is integrated Buckingham Palace message and England each big media information, solve one by one.

Sit royal carriage, visit royal Tibet to taste

Disclose according to Buckingham Palace respect, 19 days, suddenly De Zijue will regard British queen Yi Lisha as Bai Ershi's delegate, in London the airport receives Xisiluo husband and wife of Chairman Xi Jinping. 20 days, cambria infante Charles is princely criterion in the company of duchess heads for its madam Kangwoer jointly Xi Jinping's

couple enters, be located in London square hotel receives the Wen Huadong of Hai Degong garden, head for England together parade-ground of royal cavalry armed escort, over there will hold greeting ceremony formally.

According to the report, welcoming ceremonial spot, cavalry armed escort will cry 21 noisy gun salute, and achieve China national anthem, chairman Xi Jinping still will be mixed infante of general of benefit of queenly husband humble inspects honour guard jointly. Finally, queen will accompany Xi Jinping to ride the royal gold cart of indicative and exalted position together, head for the luncheon that Buckingham Palace chairs into queen in all.

After luncheon, buckingham Palace respect planned technically still to be in for Xi Jinping's couple of Buckingham Palace private visit, the concerns with China a few precious and royal Tibet that they will visit a royal family to be collected for years together are tasted.

20 days that day afternoon, xi Jinping's couple will leave Buckingham Palace temporarily, head for temple of Xi Min of British congress seat, over, xi Jinping will publish an open speech. Later, the official mansions carat that they still drive ground of without a stop toward Charles prince human relations this Gong Can adds princely couple to be them the tea party of special preparation, undertake with Charles face-to-face meet.

Large kitchen of royal for use of an emperor holds the state banquet grand opera of the knife

That day in the evening, it is the grand opera state banquet that British royal family prepares for Xi Jinp

ing's couple.

BBC report says, before state banquet, england is the biggest guest of Er of division of new chief of opposition the Labour Party (Jeremy Corbyn) or will organic meeting and Xi Jinping undertake meeting.

Insurgent news (Www.thepaper.cn) ever reported before this, royal respect already began to was this state banquet to begin elaborate preparation early, the mark of large kitchen of for use of an emperor of British royal family Fulannagen (Mark Flanagan) will be in charge of this banquet with his group. It is reported, responsible royal family is major since they are long-term the late banquet of the circumstance or the preparation of luncheon, strive is become with England season fruit, vegetable, flesh kind wait for the marrow that will develop British course with fish. And in just be to express more, special the course that expects royal chef prepares is tasted.

And state banquet will part in queen and Chairman Xi Jinping speech hind begins formally. And the carat that Charles prince is in human relations Sigong's official discloses, because a variety of reason Charles will not attend late dinner, but the participation with emphasize Cambria infante couple will be being acted during the state visit of Chinese state chairman important part.

Charles prince

Be worth to be carried, although did not get the government confirms, but the outside expects generally, williams prince and Princess Kate will attend state banquet, and this will be Kate becomes princess hind to be in England to attend state banquet first. And the state banquet according to the royal family is consuetudinary, princess Kate will adorn at the appointed time queen in those days a precious imperial crown appears.

Visiting empire manage is versed in and China for, in Tang Ning the street encounters 10 numbers Cameron

If say already special business the first day when be used to makes the same score formal open state visit nearly, so the following day his journey appears more concentrated.

Above all, queenly second child George of minister of finance of prince of York duke Andrew, England Osborne (George Osborne) will accompany Xi Jinping's couple to visit the Caesarean technical institute that is located in London together.

According to the report, caesarean technical institute all the time since be inspected research of learning of first of oppose China rank is companionate. Among them square partner basically includes China for university of the car austral company, China, Tsinghua and Zhejiang university. Cooperative domain covered project of science of technology of accept rice technology, biology project, computer, data, advanced material, maritime the sources of energy, environment and communal sanitation to wait for domain of many most advanced scientific research.

Later, xi Jinping's couple still will be in of Williams prince couple accompany below, head for a when in Lankasite palace holds to give priority to the activity of the problem with innovation industry, strive is driven Sino-British between the communication that waits for a respect in science and technology, culture and collaboration.

In addition, before be used to makes the same score the activity that day to still include nearly toward Tang Ning street Cameron undertakes premier of date and 10 England meet formally, the Sino-British commerce summit that attends London finance city to grow official mansions to hold is met, look around China be in to wait flower enterprise.

That evening, xi Jinping's couple will eat late dinner in all together with London mayor, intercurrent watch makes a speech briefly.

Insurgent news ever reported before this, besides in Tang Ning street 10 meet formally, kameilunke can return the Qikesi that will invite Xi Jinping to head for its to be located in country villatic (Chequers) attend late dinner, come to an England of edition manorial meet.

Last station is Mancunian

Dedicated say at reporting the Royalcentral website of news of British royal family, 22 days are the last day that the royal family participates in Chairman Xi Jinping to visit general affairs. Be in this day, the funeral affairs satellite that Andrew prince will continue to accompany Xi Jinping to head for visiting international sea is organized, a Confucius institute meeting that sponsors by London campus institute still will attend jointly later.

The 4th day of the travel that is in England, xi Jinping can leave London, head for Mancunian, in Osborne accompany institutes of next the 2nd university that visit his visit the institute of Xi of national black lead of Mancunian university. According to the report, the transnational corporation such as the cooperative business empty traveler of this institute, SamSung, also hope this to be able to spread out collaboration with Chinese enterprise, commercialize scientific research achievement.

The Xi Jinping that has deep love for a football still will be in of Cameron accompany next visits to be located in Mancunian urban football group, this group is main the urban football club of operation each country, and whether can when arriving, he cross ball addiction to also will let our wait and see what happens.

That day midday, xi Jinping's couple will be mixed Cameron is attended together chair by Mancunian mayor, in the luncheon that Mancunian city hall holds.

23 days, xi Jinping's couple can end the visit that is in England formally, set out from Mancunian airport leave, block Mei Lun and chancellery of Wu of royal delegate palace to will be their see sb off in the airport at the appointed time.

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