African girl makes the same score bristle with anger of hand Duan Lingren to prevent a gender to invade a bosom to iron (graph)

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ican country such as south Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon is circulating iron the bosom is consuetudinary, many mothers can be when bosom development of the daughter, with the scoop with hot broil or stone, iron their bosom closely smooth, be annoyed in order to prevent them by the gender.

The report will say website of cloud of Taiwan Dongsen news on October 14, although cruel method makes a person bristle with anger, but the reason of backside also makes a person sad however. 23 years old of a bosom be ironinged, the button of female Ai Man of firm unripe child (Emmanuelle) express even, now for lactation, with respect to the bosom that can make intense formic bite his only, such mammary ability expand, also can have galactic.

Of Africa iron the bosom is abusive

It is reported, africa has 3.8 million female to be in about 11 arrive 15 years old between bosom be ironinged, some get when 8 years old even such torment, and of firm lay murderous hands on sb the mom that exceeding an in part is him. Local people believes, iron feature of the female after the bosom is more unidentified show, can decrease so encroach by the male, maiden perhaps pregnant machine rate, also

can continue attend school, and won't be thought to be able to have married. Iron for the most part the bosom is the secret between mother and daughter, familial medium male normally not know the inside story.

Personnel expresses related U.N. , iron the body that the bosom can affect the girl not only develops, and meet with cancered machine rate also can increase, make mammary asymmetry more possibly, cannot lactate, or cause infection. As we have learned, more wealthy family can use loincloth, twine the breast rise, make a feature so not apparent.

Besides, also think to want to stop such abusive it is very difficult, this has very big concern with confirmed traditional idea, in this Xuan , they do not think to iron the bosom is violent, most girl thinks even, the mother is done so is for them good, so the choice bears silently.

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