Japanese right-wing media: Student studying abroad of book of 80 thousand China is emissary

In recent years, japanese police is in all the time capture the Chinese doubt that is in Japan to be like spy, this China arrests Japanese doubt to be like spy, is China right of afore-mentioned Japanese actions strike back? Jinshangjunzai is pushing Japanese scholar 11 days to get on such writing especially. The Chinese pursues the story of espial in Japan, lie between period of time to be able to appear almost. Japan " produce classics news " say, osaka police ever arrested 62 years old at the beginning of this year Chinese, he is the president of a trading company, be had to contact with Chinese liberation army regularly by suspicion, the technical information that filch applicable Yu Jun is versed in. This Chinese by be arrested in order to violate foreigner entry law. And Japanese right-wing media " keep fast newspaper " not long ago also publishs caption of create a sensation to say, about 80 thousand student studying abroads that China is in Japan are Chinese spy.

Japan " morning sun weekly " when international of cite of newest first phase politics the reporter is big wild and base the article says, japanese government denies the statement that sends spy to China to be able to invite person ridicule only. Japanese government established national security to ensure the conference in recent years (NSC) with aggrandizement external information activity. Not long ago, australian media ever was announced, japanese government rises from 2008 to bureau of Australian secret information (ASIS) sent numerous personnel to undertake spy grooms. ASIS is Australia the information orgnaization with confidential top rate, this orgnaization is special open up an islands grooms as spy base. The report says, a few places that this China arrests Japanese are the stage that each country has fight of information obtained through espionage. Liaoning saves red east city is Korea, United States develop the site with intelligence famous activity. Zhejiang province has numerous the many missile base that is a target with Japan. So after the event says the person that is detained is Everyman apologetically, more or less to say to be illogical a bit.

Japanese NHK TV station says, the message shows, the peak of long head of meridian Han the Three Kingdoms that interrupts 3 years is met will be in in the end of this month Korea head Er restores to hold. Magisterial Jian Yiwei is in room of Japanese ministerial official 11 days express in the discussion program of NHK TV station, peak of head of meridian Han the Three Kingdoms can be being prepared active

ly in, be in final adjustment at present level. But " morning sun weekly " think, because China catchs Japanese spy one after another, install times political power to will face the new difficult problem on Sino-Japanese relation possibly now.

Liu Jiang Yong is opposite 11 days " round-the-world times " express, japan sends spy often to go to China in recent years, from go up at all say to be opposite with Japanese government China the fixed position of policy is concerned. Since 2012, japan carries out a series of is opposite China policy appears give a kind of tendency to regard China as fictitious enemy. Below this kind of setting, japan is right of China be on guard psychology is very strong, on one hand they keep secret in the information that makes native countryman strictly the job, develop the counterespionage activity that is aimed at a Chinese, spread out espial in China on the other hand, get the information of a need.

" Japanese times " fear these Japanese may be sentenced in China severe punishment. The sentence that reports scholar of university of breed of quote Japan develop says, crucial question is whether they will be sued, if can be sued, can undertake negotiating with Chinese government probably in government of the Japan before sueing so, facilitate they are released. But once they are sued, so very difficult interpose. China all took crucial position on similar incident, adjudgement looks very can severe in Japanese as a result. The report says, last year in November, china was promulgated " counterespionage law " , the highest punishment that sentences to emissary bla

me is capital punishment.

[round-the-world times is stationed in Li Zhen of reporter of engage by special arrangement of Japan, Canada short room of La Yage contented is round-the-world times reporter Zhang Yi like that Chen Yi]

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