The U.S. Army supplies a weapon to appraise opposition or because of Russia army essence follows air attack

According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, russia near future lasts to organize Mohammedan country to illegallying or forcibly occupy the extreme in Syria the target launchs puissant air strike, this makes the United States undertakes to appraise policy major key is rectified weighing. Media discloses, beautiful square preparation supplies a weapon to partial appraise opposition directly.

Client of Xin Huaguo border carries a reporter to think, the flavor that organization of horror of powerful blow appraise contains Russia to hit out actively, can cast off the pressure that assumes on Wu Kelan problem already, also can force western world to spread out channel to connect with respect to Syrian condition and Russia with harmonious, but American nature does not wish Russia is in appraise anticipate, because this considers corresponding the way to deal with a situation, final change original intention begins to arm directly appraise opposition.

Occupy broadcasting station of French international broadcast 9 days to report, train Syria in view of the United States the plan come to nothing of moderate opposition, beautiful president Aobama decides to end this one plan, turn and center force to turn over a government to arm to has chosen arrange in order supply a weapon.

American government Ceng Chengnuo only to Syria opposition is offerred groom, but do not supply a weapon. This year the beginning of the year, the United States invests 500 million dollar, the plan should groom every year 5000 Syria turn over governmental public figure, let its return Syria and Mohammedan country next the organization fights. But plan of this one training ends with disastrous defeat, receive those who suffer training to turn over governmental public figure not to exceed 200 people actually in all.

American department of defense expresses, although the U.S. Army abandons training Syria to opp

ose governmental armed plan, but meeting to in Syrian beat back of Mohammedan country a few turn over governmental organization blandly to supply a weapon. According to the message of the Pentagon, the United States will turn over governmental armed leader to provide weapon and ammunition to what had chosen, let its can use advanced weapon, in sharing a group of people of same interest that attacks Mohammedan state.

Adviser of Aobama expresses, what undertake a few months to turning over governmental personnel with its is special groom, be inferior to making they fight with the enemy in the spot better. And what American place should do is seasonable supply a weapon to them.

Nevertheless, the White House

did not offer He Chongwu to turning over a government to arm to Syria implement undertake demonstrative. Additional, the hand that how can make sure offerred weapon does not fall into the enemy also is a problem. Answer of official of the White House says, beautiful square already with Syria many turn over governmental armed organization to work together a few months, trustful to the person height that is chosen.

Face the United States to vow solemnly just, media analyses a personage to express to suspect badly to this. In light of the lesson that hits Mohammedan country to fail in Iraq from the United States, carry equips to fall finally very likely in the hand of the armed organization such as Mohammedan country toward beautiful type of Syria.

Before this, american Ceng Xiangyi pulls a gram governmental army has carried large quantities of weapons, equipment, beat back of in order to is Mohammedan country, but final the quite a few in these weapons became Mohammedan state partly the member's equipment. Under photograph comparing, of appraise opposition fight ability is poor, personnel structure is uneven, compare hard with Iraqi regular army, beautiful type equips the foreground in these hand more can care.

On the other hand, the United States offers what the weapon considers to appraise is to prevent Russia to support talk the opposition of churchyard of appraise of governmental army blow, and provide defensive tool to them, but once these weapons are used in appraise churchyard, become the inducement of the Russian-American fire accidentally that brush a gun probably, american practice is actually in condition of farther disturbed Syria, the Syria that lets torment of flames of war more the masses have no means to live, or cause bigger refugee tide, the United States appears to such consequence and pay no attention to however.

Have again, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a reporter to think, differ with Iraq, syria and the Iran that support it are congeneric member of a group of people of same interest that turn over the United States, can produce the effect of diversionary United States, predicting Russia will be offerred to them support continuously, prevent American force to be permeated further. Come so, syrian condition develops will more expect hard.

Responsibility edits: Ren Shaojie

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