Nobel literature award announced white Russia authoress to award prize 2015 the word is announced (graph)

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According to message of website of nobel prize government, nobel literature award was announced 8 days local time at Sweden 2015, bear the palm person for Siweitelanna of White Russia writer, reporter A lists Kexieyeweiji. Prize-giving word is: Her answer attune is written, it is the souvenir of the affliction of pair of our timeses and courage.

The A that was born 1948 lists Kexieyeweiji, be graduated from news of Ming Si

ke university to learn is. She composes on-the-spot record literature with the means with party interview, recorded disintegrate of war of World War II, Afghanistan, Russia, Qieernuobeili the major event on the human history such as the accident.

Aliekexieyeweiji's work already was published in 19 countries, the book that publishs in China has " Qieernuobeili's memory: Nuclear disaster is nuncupative history " , " I do not know what to should say, about death or love: The sound that comes from Qieernuobeili " , " arms of zincic skin baby " wait. This month, two her work " I am female soldiers, also be a woman " and " I still think you, mom " publish.

A row gram thanks Ye dimension strange work Ceng Duo second bear the palm, include German Lai compared stannic books award 1998, 1999 eyewitness award of world of French nation broadcasting station, 2006 award of person of American state book review, 2013 German publisher and prize of bookseller association peace, last year, she still is obtained promulgate French art and literary knigh

t decoration.

When German publisher and bookseller association are its award a prize, ever said: Herself created a literary kind that will get a ring all over the world, be sure to lift the tide of witness and testimony emerge in large numbers. Sweden is senior Meisiwensen ever also expressed columnist publicly, she should get Nobel literature award early.

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