International sufficient couplet " anti-corruption storm " latest news: Chairman of Ha Yatu representative

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Beijing of China News Service report is comprehensive on October 8 message: Committee of ethics of international sufficient couplet decid

es 8 days, puladini of chairman of sufficient couplet of Bulate of chairman of sufficient to international couplet, Europe is carried out temporarily suspend sb from his duties punishment of 90 days.

Data chart: Bulate.

Before the vice-chairman of international sufficient couplet, Zheng Meng that comes from Korea also sufferred 6 years prohibit participating in definitely related to the football mobile punishment, at the same time Zheng Meng still is fined definitely franc of 100 thousand Switzerland. The punishment that international sufficient couplet weighs to concern instantly become effective, but did not disclose more detail.

Just go up in Swiss check after the criminal that pair of Bulate start by the month is investigated, committee of ethics of international sufficient couplet convened concerned meeting that day. This committee is investigating the international such as pair of Bulate and Puladini sufficient couplet is curule the accusation that is suspected of corruption.

Hayatu of chairman of sufficient couplet of vice-chairman of international sufficient couplet, Africa is in by assign Bulate during suspend sb from his duties, hold the position of chairman of representative of international sufficient couplet. Ha Yatu ever shared vote of chairman of international sufficient couplet 2002, but defeat Bulate.

International sufficient couplet says, zheng Meng is surpassed in concerned world cup definitely be discovered in applied investigation misconduct, violated the ethics of international sufficient couplet.

The anti-corruption storm of international sufficient couplet grew in intensity recently, the outside will think generally in September, bulate and Puladini are deep-set and corrupt in scandal, they by suspend sb from his duties will be time problem only.

Cloth pulls the statement demonstrate that Switzerland releases by the month on office of total chief procurator to had been suspected of crime especially, puladini also drag in among them. According to this statement, bulate pays Puladini the undeserved money that brushstroke value restrains 2.04 million dollar when 2011, bulate still is suspected of low selling world cup television relay to counterpoise to Caribbean area.

Election of chairman of international sufficient couplet will be held in Feburary in next year, puladini after participating a person to need to pass qualificatory examine and verify, ability is participated formally. Zheng Meng ever also expressed publicly to want to participate a chairman definitely.

The person such as Bulate, Puladini is denied be suspected of corruption. Zheng Meng allows the punishment of sufficient to international also couplet to decide demur, express to consider to take legal step.

(Original title: Bulatepuladini by suspend sb from his duties of international sufficient couplet chairman of representative of 90 days of Ha Yatu)

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