France one school abbreviate and " IS " the equipment that weigh a name meets with custom is sequestered

Near at present of Lu of map of French south city an engineering college because school name abbreviate and the En

glish abbreviate that organize Mohammedan country extremely are consistent, made word of a yock. This school ordered equipment of a batch of satellites in Canada a few day

s ago, use at studying an experiment. This batch of goods are stared at to go up by Canadian custom when Qing Dynasty closes, they see consignee one column is writing ISIS awesomely, suspicion is the order below Mohammedan country, then this approves intercept goods. The school is communicated through relapsing and explain, got goods after two months eventually. This school expresses, although school abbreviate and Mohammedan country are heavy the name is very vexed, but had not planned to change a name.

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