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In American dominion debt letter grade experience is reduced hind, the US stock goes of situation queasy history on infrequent. Come 12 days from August 8, in soare steep fall " switchback " prices is guided below, the United States points to big 3 drop all exceed 1% . The analyst thinks, the concussion prices near future of the market won't end. Fall in American grade incident is affected gradually abreaction when, economy walks along situation general to make the central point that investor pays close attention to next. And not throw the troops into battle to be regarded as at present " before last plan " .

Economic data or become a central issue again

12 days of data that publish show, annulus of retail July sale compares the United States grow 0.5% , achieve this year since April amplitude of the biggest only month, indication United States consumes a state somewhat get warm again after a cold spell. In the meantime, american company stock will rise 0.3% than last month June, but amplitude is May 2010 since the portion lowest, economy of indication United States is slow the impetus that anabiosis.

Nevertheless, the road that released that day is appeared / Mixiegen index of university consumer confidence August initial value by July 63.7 glide considerably to 54.9, achieve in May 1980 since the portion lowermost level, indication consumer confidence still exhausted weak. And individual consumption spending takes American gross domestic product about about 70% , it

is the main engine that economy grows.

Although economic data stand or fall is differ. The mood of investor restores from inside grade incident gradually, stock market of 12 days of new York shows concussion goes tall big 3, dow Jones index rises highest for 1.13% , mark general 500 with Nasidake the index rises it is respectively 0.53% with 0.61% . Among them, mark general 500 indexes rise two days achieve 5.2% , for Marc

h 2009 since the portion the biggest two days go up situation.

European stock market also closes 12 days considerably go up, the bank that France, Italy, Spain and Belgium take oversell limitation, make get achieved bank appear rebound, and driving American retail data also assist is carried brace up investor confidence. Extensive Europe accomplishment actors or actress the index receives a quota tall 3.6% .

This economic data that Zhou Meiguo is about to publish includes industry will produce price index of rate of start working of data, housing, producer and the core that deduct food and the sources of energy in July consumer price index. Abroad media analysis thinks, endeavor in investor the economic prospect with likely economy of li clear United States during, the economic data that this week releases will become attention central issue.

Beautiful stuff Zhou Xian one branch alone beautiful

Although finally two trade,day US stock walks along power show to grab an eye, but be like last week " switchback " the prices like still makes investor one's heart still fluttering with fear.

8 days, american stock market encounters " black on Monday " , 3 big point to all drop greatly more than 5% , violent wind of index of wave motion of period authority bourse rises the Chicago that measures mood of stock market panic to 48;9 day, 3 big show to the limit of one's capacity rebounds 4% above. 10 days, american stock market once more mad discharge 4% , 11 days reach 12 days, american stock market reemerges rebound.

Look from Zhou Xian, last week, the defeat below accumulative total of index of US stock Dow Jones 1.5% , the index receives Nasidake drop 1% , mark general 500 indexes fall after a rise 1.7% , this index traded 15 times in the past meridian drop 11 days, 3 weeks of accumulative total drop greatly 12.4% .

In addition, european stock market also closes the 3rd week continuously drop, the defeat below accumulative total of index of index of actor of extensive Europe accomplishment 0.7% . Magenshidanli capital international (accumulative total leaves MSCI) Asia-Pacific index last week defeat 3.3% , the defeat below accumulative total of full week of index of MSCI rising market 4.9% .

The data that Xierfubulate arranges Howard of high index analyst shows Birinyi of asset management company and Peng Bo and mark general, the concussion of this week stock market in history of American stock market the place before going up did not see. 10 large trades distinguish mark general an index is medium, material kind realize complete Zhou Shousheng one only, go up for 0.2% , finance kind criterion from 5 days since accumulative total drops greatly 5% .

"Envelop the market when fear, appraise value is not an appropriate tool. Appraise value goes below understanding and go up potentially trend respect is very useful. But won't help you decide whether the market has seen an end, " Tehuohuade expresses the director Lu Po that England invests a company, "We should see the policymaker's trend, this kind of place always is very dangerous. Wave motion is very acuteness, make do a decision to become special difficult, notting throw the troops into battle sometimes is before last plan really. Notting throw the troops into battle sometimes is before last plan really..

In addition, suffer the economic data effect with a series of American differ stand or fall, new York oil price closes 12 days of concussion hind are small low, to that day when closing quotation, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex will deliver the goods in September closes at every pails of 85.38 dollars, drop for 0.4% , complete Zhou Ze drops 1.73% . Price of Comex gold futures is successive that day the 2nd trade day drops. The market is handed in cast the most active contract will close at every ounce in December 1742.6 dollars, drop for 0.5% . Although the course trades twice continuously,day drops, price of new York gold still appears last week of 5.5% rise strong, for successive the 6th week rises.

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The United States " the Stars and the Stripes signs up for " the website will publish an article on May 9: "La Ling " date and Chinese warship encounter around controversy islands.

Article story says, the United States is naval " La Ling " the carrier-borne helicopter of date command ship will be in on May 5 the insular reef of existence controversy -- Huang Yan island (call Sikabaile reef again) around filmed two China naval naval vessel. The photograph that American navy films shows, these two in square ship vessel is chaser Lanzhou naval vessel and missile frigate judge water naval vessel. This island reef ever also was caused 2012 China is as long as between guest of He Fei law the refuse to budge of a month.

The picture that American navy shows shows, two China warship appears around yellow cliff island, this brings about media of certain network news to call this lot antagonism, the official of the 7th fleet of American undertook 9 days denial to this.

"La Ling " date command ship is American navy the admiral of the 7th fleet, deploy Japan. American naval officer shows, this naval vessel is from these two China the warship adds cutoff to pass, did not produce conflict.

"Blue mountain " Si Haijun Lieutenant Colonel of mark of · of Williams of spokesman of the 7th fleet expresses the United States on date, each just are behaved very professionally. He says: "Because U.S. A

rmy warship reachs his,helicopter is in safe distance besides, because this is done not have,produce any contacts with China. " mark this replying " the Stars and the Stripes signs up for " express when the reporter's query, "La Ling " date sails near yellow cliff island be not in executive freedom be open to navigation or air traffic acts.

Nevertheless, china is passing through to the ship what and United States can do when international maritime space unscramble differen

t, china is passed " 9 paragraphs of lines " to Nanhai the area hold territory of 90% advocates.

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

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austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, pr
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Network of news of American cable television (an investigation that CNN)26 day announces shows, make an appointment with 2/3 American to think current parliament " what thing is not dry " , can says " history on the soddenest " .

CNN commends survey company ORC International comes 16 days 19 days to undertake to 1035 American the phone is investigated this month, the result shows, 68% suffer speak bluntly of the person t

hat visit current parliament is them " had experienced the soddenest " , 73% suffer the person that visit to say current parliament is right national problem " attempt and accomplish nothing " . To who it is congress " trend wrong road " " culprit " (can choose) more, the Democratic Party (52%) and republic party (54%) gets a ticket to comparative, the person that has 54% additionally points to spearhead American president Aobama. CNN questionnaire investigation is in charge of Huolaide to say, american people no matter the men and women is old young, money does not have money, be full of pessimism to congress. Had experienced many congressional old person, negative sentiment is more s
erious than the youth.

CNN analysis says, although before holiday adjourns, congress reached budgetary agreement, but it signed inadequacy one year only in the past 60 act. If Moses is absent the rest of quicken pace one year, so it will become the past 40 years in " efficiency lowest " congress. (Laurel of Cui of round-the-world times reporter is sweet)

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People of beautiful half the number is malcontent foreign policy of abstruse Ba Ma sighs its provide good home work

Aobama, Cameron and Schmidt play to be patted oneself wittily on the memorial meeting (graph)

 龙凤419贵族宝贝Login does the face attack black Song Yuelou of the cummer before registering Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian broken rumor be executinged (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2014-05-18 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Report will occupy people net Beijing on May 18 report of channel of CCTV Chinese international, 16, congress of artist of the 9th whole nation is in Korea smooth soil kicks off. Korea is famous Xuan Song month attended colonel of philharmonic society of peak of songbird, peony congress, this also is attacked broke black loose month is concerned before Korea media by the rumor of execute by shooting.

Data chart: Black loose month

Data chart: Black loose month

The report before this
Korea refutes a rumor the cummer before Jin Zhengen by execute by shooting: Slander Ying Ling puts to death behindhand

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] " this is absolutely flagrant especially big provoke, it is to provoke the day person that commits madly in all the criminality of anger. " i

n the center of Korea news agency will use media of so intense day of language assail Han to be opposite on September 22 " Korea is highest dignity " have calumniatory and calumniatory move, face refutes a rumor just special the story that mentions to come from Han day media: Philharmonic society of galactic recently water counts an actor to be executed.

Go up lunar base, korea " Korea daily " " explode makings " say, month of Korea singer black pine and galactic water philharmonic society are much because

renown member is suspected of filming, sale, watch sexual video by execute by shooting, black loose month is Korea labor party of Jin Zhengen of the first secretary " old lover " .

The report is reprinted in great quantities by international media subsequently. This month 21 days, japan " morning sun news " farther " feed in raw material " say, put to death because,philharmonic society member is " should conceal Li Xue of Mrs. Jin Zhengen advocate in the past " , this action causes the intense response of Korea respect eventually.

The rumor common occurance of Korea is concerned on Han day media, reporting " incident of execute by shooting " before a month, korea media alleges Jin Zhengen is about to accept western media to interview, make a price 1 million dollar. The result is by government square attack " dinkum concoct " . Run paralell with the rumor, it is to rise rise and fall the face Han of volt concerns. Korea motherland peace unites committee 22 days to express with respect to delay of meeting of disperse family member, "This is dummy defeats the filthy nation of the party to be opposite definitely incendiary the result that create " , responsibility is in completely Han Fang. (Zhen Xiang of Yongzheng of Qiu of precious of Wang Gang plum)

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