Should TPP block isolated China economy? A few truths that you must tell

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TPP comes to an agreement, chinese economy is otherwise travel, I am dollar of this quarter point, these days all the time the reader asks similar question, accompany late on October 5 TPP reachs basic agreement and reach a peak. When before 2 years Shanghai holds water from trade division, evil filling pass a barrier the knowledge at TPP, so here gives everybody a few basic knowledge, clear to li perspective has profit.

? Arrive from P4 P12

TPP person, crossing agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate is also.

Want to say the history of TPP, must chase after narrate what Chile, New Zealand, Singapore and Brunei Shikoku signed in July 2005 to cross associate of economy of Pacific Ocean strategy concern agreement (TPSEP) , this agreement is mixed with respect to commerce of goods, service, intellectual property the relevant domain such as investment offers mutual beneficial economy cooperative deal. Because initiative member country is 4, reason calls P4 agreement again.

2008, accompany the United States high-key the negotiation that announces to join this P4 agreement, after tightening therewith plus Peruvian, Vietnam and Australia, p4 upgrades into P8, the negotiation of TPP agreement was started formally on March 15, 2010.

Again later, those who accompany the country such as Canada, Mexico, Japan mingle, very fast dilate went to P4 P12, this then the agreement shares 12 members country, it is respectively: The United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peruvian, Vietnam.

TPP agreement content is very actually complex, for instance this dispute the patent that a detail of a lot of days is medicaments on protective period accident, what nevertheless great majority person pays close attention to still is among them the clause of 0 custom duty, once eliminate China,think outer, break down those who bring about China to export economy.

Without doubt, TPP is a when the United States is in China of Asia-Pacific keep within limits subtle step, did in Europe like it cross Atlantic commerce and investment associate agreement (TIPP) is same.

But, simplify the problem TPP will reach basic agreement on October 5, next Chinese economy went with respect to otherwise, of such simplification talk, admittedly sensational, but the truth that is not a fact.

? Fundamental agreement is reached do not be equal to become effective

To this agreement, news is so say:

Cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate (TPP)12 negotiation country reachs basic agreement on the ministerial meeting that in American Zun Zhiya city Atlanta holds, agree

to have free trade, unite a standard in the extensive field such as investment and intellectual property.

Notice a keyword please: Ministerial meeting.

Yes, it is 12 negotiations country this only the consensus of ministerial class, ministers still must bring back reached agreement respective country to hand in examine and approve by the parliament.

Other do not say, the skinful in saying TPP is bad the United States of water, government of abstruse Ba Ma has to persuade congress to enter general election immediately nevertheless through this plan sensitive period, plus this agreement native land to the United States obtain employment produces impact likely also, this can be the subject matter that American republic party wants to acclaim snipe the Democratic Party absolutely, anticipate generally so before next year the beginning of the year, the opportunity that TPP agreement may vote repeatedly in United States Congress is done not have.

The United States is such, other negotiation countries also are such, be faced with the Japan of general election likewise especially, it is good to be afraid the parliament also is some to this thing dispute over trifles consider especially should open produce to import custom duty, get the cheese that ate squire of how many Japan.

? The agreement is reached also not be equal to establish Ma Ling custom duty

Good, the congress that calculates P12 people carry an agreement at full speed, also not be equal to the custom duty between these 12 countries to be immediately 0.

Actually, 0 custom duty are a target, the process is labyrinthian however.

Never mention it this P12, it is 4 nations that P4 agreement reached 2005 before early early, is the schedule of 0 custom duty that you guess them what kind of?

Singapore regards a developed country as the delegate, be opposite with respect to abolish in those days the custom duty of other the Three Kingdoms. But, new Zealand and Brunei just came true 2015 namely this year, and the Chile that remain arrives even 2017, such cent pace walks along call it by a good name of was to filter effectively the diversity of member country.

But, from which the

rate that you can see 0 custom duty has many slow!

Although come to an agreement this detail is done not have too much announce, but should look only below this one, what you know the 0 custom duty of prospective P12 are what kind is endless:

The United States will cancel the of 2.5% custom duty that imposes to importing Japanese car inside 25 years

Yes! ! Inside 25 years! !

Enough snail climbs!

? The agreement is right the be a burden on of exit, true still not horrible

Good, calculating TPP0 custom duty to implement rate is slow really, but always have a day when reach.

So, affect geometry to China?

This problem, civilian economist pats the result of the head to cannot be taken seriously. Crucial data, still get economist to calculate.

In this domain, academia cites the frequency is more quite " international trade problem " 2013 the 4th period " the countermeasure of the economic effect of TPP and Asia-Pacific free-trade area and China " calculate. From next watches we can see, below current P12 condition, to the United States exit can be carried brace up 0.37% , but it is negative 0.14% effects to China negative effect exists really, but finite.

As to P13 TPP is joined after P12 of Chinese prep close behind namely, and FTAAP is TPP includes APEC after all 19 members countries, can see Chinese exit can promote considerably. Visible, such similar TPP thing, have profit to China, although old beauty thought a variety of way,elbow out us outer.

? TPP block is not indestructible

Although old beauty wants to pass TPP and TIPP to isolate us really,be under international economy new order, but that famous remark that remembers Majiyafuli please:

There is permanent ally in politics, have lasting interest only

Politics is such, economy is more such.

On one hand, TPP this thing, although installed slashing condition to prevent China to join, but also be to China one kind forces actually.

If you have impression, the Shanghai before remembering two years with respect to this from trade division be born, its main setting adds the window of TPP as China namely. On this problem, li Yang of assistant dean of courtyard of Chinese company division will have a speech to be able to consult in May:

In light of the tendency that develops from the world, unite the agreement of investment, and be answered with it come over to cover commerce and money, this is a trend. What TPP works is this thing, the principle of TPP is competition indifferent, competition is indifferent the national pay before including admittance, include management of comprehensive negative detailed list, it is two direction that we are in Shanghai to decide from trade division, it includes a lot of blame to discriminate against sexual pay, and these principles of TPP are to be in so in fact develop the internationalization of principle of the antitrust inside economic system. TTIP is etc such, there still is here, the United States and China still have an investment agreement to negotiate alone, the Vice Prime Minister is taking boundless to talk, talk several years, those who involve also is free trade problem, free investment issue. All problems get together was here, so haply can have an idea now, the new free investment agreement that is a delegate with TPP namely is the replace edition that global economy administers, it is a new level, the United States heads develop economic system takes this new version to begin to want to restrain other country, take this new version to seek ally everywhere, realize his strategic deploy next. For instance associate of their agreement of TPP annulus Pacific Ocean concerns, china is Pacific Ocean country, but the country that he negotiates turns from America come over southeast Asia, jump over China to arrive Korea, go to Japan next, apparently a China eliminates outer intent, very clear.

The new edition that administers around the whole world now developed a new competition, actually Chinese Shanghai the starts immediate cause to deal with TPP namely challenge from trade division. When start, some leaders say very much to understand, alleged Shanghai from trade division, be in China namely most Chinese local lay off principle of TPP of try out of a place, round of this when should head actively to the United States new whole world administers the challenge that the system adjusts.

Shanghai did two years from trade division, and expand reach much ground, this is answered namely apparently. Of course, this is in-house exploration, force reform, not only answered action.

Yes, on the other hand, remember please lofty the lexical axle that go up - spoke (network of FTA of form of Hub And Spokes) .

You see that piece of form above carefully can discover, if be the structure of P12, chinese exit can drop, but the entrance falls bigger this means the Chinese market share of a lot of countries to want to lose. This does not accord with the interest of a lot of countries apparently.

How to do, be about to return above lofty the vocabulary that go up. TPP is a reticulate structure, with at present 12 countries are exemple, it is any country is opposite other 11 countries should adopt the policy that gets custom duty, 12 countries altogether has 66 groups of bilateral concerns.

To China character, do not join TPP, but can sign similar agreement respectively with these countries! For instance China can be signed with Australia, can mix Peruvian sign, of course because of such plan, be confined to China and this two countries, australia and Peruvian between won't appear to concern similarly accordingly, it is the structure of axle of a similar bicycle so, china is the axis in the center, there is what pile to sign a country by the side of the Later Zhou Dynasty like that. This structure, with respect to the axle that be called - spoke (network of FTA of form of Hub And Spokes) .

So, it is when others before you show off TPP when, you might as well and he talks about axle - spoke (network of FTA of form of Hub And Spokes) .

Actually, china has been so those who do, and still be driven before TPP agreement is reached to begin undermine the foundation. Notice this news please:

On June 17, 2015, city of tall tiger of minister of Chinese Department of Commerce and Australian commerce and Luo Bu of Andrew of investment department minister are earthed up in Australian can pull sign formally on behalf of two countries government respectively " government of People's Republic of China and agreement of Australian government free trade " .

See not, china reached free trade agreement with the Australia in P12 first, according to the report before this:

In goods domain, both sides has each take export trade specified amount the product of 85.4% will realize 0 custom duty instantly when agreement become effective. Decrease duty to transfer period hind, the tax items that Australia realizes 0 custom duty finally is occupied compare than be being occupied with trading business volume will achieve 100% ; The tax items that China realizes 0 custom duty is occupied achieve than will parting than be being occupied with trading business volume 96.8% with 97% .

More important is, australia is TPP undermine the foundation only in a newest, the first signs the New Zealand that of free trade agreement is 2008 with China, in P4 of of the same age Peruvian also signed with China with Singapore.

So, future wants Chinese actuate spud continue to use undermine the foundation of free trade agreement only, the block of TPP and TIPP, be by no means indestructible.

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