TPP agreement needs each country to approve Fang Kesheng effect to need time of a few months at least

Commerce of electric United States will represent Atlanta of xinhua net United States on October 5 Frohman announces Michael Er 5 days, successful already end crosses 12 states such as the United States, Japan, Australia agreement of associate of economy of Pacific Ocean strategy (TPP) negotiation, reach TPP trade agreement.

Frohman was in that day new say on the press conference that after conference of class of minister of round of TPP ends, holds, through 5 years of much concentrated negotiations, the negotiation already just was reached with respect to TPP agreement each consistent, the obtain employment with supportive Asia-Pacific area, can grow continuously, include the gender develops and innovate, before coming true the target of set.

Frohman expresses, to turn TPP pact positive result formally, negotiation official will continue to develop a few technical works, release in order to prepare will complete agreement text version to the public. Negotiation official expects with the interest the relative is communicated with respect to the proceed of a few special topic for discussions of the agreement, approve a program finally to be carried out in order to make sure the agreement gets surely through each country internal law.

Trade expert says, the agreement that reached that day needs to receive the approval of relevant each country, reckon need a few months is longer even.

American president Aobama made a statement that day, two parties support passes appeal congress this agreement. At present United States Congress already had assemblyman to express to object to this agreement.

The topic for discussion that as a result of TPP the negotiation involves is very complex, negotiation process is not quite transparent, the likelihood makes partial group profit is damaged, TPP negotiation also suffers many American public object. Come day after day, atlanta urban district is gone to before organization of local labor organization, authority of environmental protection orgnaization, consumer dimension and Medical Protection orgnaization ever organized the people for many ti

mes parade protests near the guesthouse that TPP negotiation is in.

TPP negotiation involves 12 countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada and area, cover the whole world the economy of 40% yields, include business affairs of investment, service, electron, government to purchase, intellectual property, labor, environment 30 paragraphic, the negotiation is finished may produce far-reaching effect to global trade regulation.

Conference of class of epicycle TPP minister is held at will be in Atlanta on September 30, will end o

n October 1 surely formerly, but because negotiate to just be in country of origin of line of business of produce market admittance, car each,intellectual property protects industry of regular, pharmacy wait for 3 big crucial fields to fail to reach compromise as scheduled, the conference is forced to lengthen several days.

TPP conference adjourns repeatedly, what mirror the major difference that goes abroad TPP member to go up in a few sensitive topic for discussions and final phase negotiation on one hand is hard, also refract the country such as an United States to seek the political determination that obtains a breakthrough on epicycle conference on the other hand, negotiation each square pressing hope will be driven on October 19 Canadian federal comes to an agreement as early as possible before parliamentary vote, lest get the interference of more politics element. (Shan of quartz of reporter make friends with a man of higher position)

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