BBC newsreel is pointed to to build false later period to synthesize volcano to erupt picture (graph)

Login register newsreel of BBC of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be pointed to to build false later period to synthesize volcano to erupt picture (graph) origin: ?

Salary  ?2015-10-06 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] the view that the BBC gives out is, volcanic thunderstorm reality exists, film hard however figuration

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on October 6 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua Ne

ws Agency, BBC (BBC) newest newsreel " Badageniya: Of the earth secret heaven " harvest reputably during, be exposed to the sun however a paragraph of volcano erupts video makes synthesis for later period.

To demand the result, over the eruption cloud that lightning is given at erupting by together with, the record issues gallant volcanic thunderstorm. Film to adopting technical measure the record is old, the view that the BBC gives out is, volcanic thunderstorm reality exists, film hard however figuration.

[Big temptation]

" Badageniya: Of the earth secret heaven " leave last week sow, public praise not common. On book of gregarious website face, the video that volcano of south of a paragraph of Chile erupts gets attention especially, be exceeded 500 thousand times by transmit. In video, volcano erupts form massiness grey cloud, the top is pressed like topple the mountains and overturn the seas and come, a light is abrupt flash, puncture nebula boast looks and pass, circling eruption column to circle subsequently carry away.

Nevertheless, those who make a person regretful is, the marvellous spectacle such as this is not film and become, however the synthetic result of two paragraphs of video. England " daily Post " 4 days of reports, the blame of two paragraphs of video that synthesizes thunderstorm is not taken erupt with two volcano 2015 from 2011.

" Badageniya: Of the earth secret heaven " article of guest of rich of compose of Si Sitong of producer figure Peng, explained newsreel uses the reason of technical measure.

She writes: Reality of this kind of appearance exists, but be hard to naked eye observes or camera of bed sheet ministry films finish. Need support to special technology appears and describe this kind of real natural wonder.

We (so do) the purpose is to hope in volcano erupts in present striking visual impact, stone says, we were used some earlier 2015 the picture of volcanic time-lapse photography that moment films, on the cloud layer that lightning is given out at gush by together with.

Additional lightning is another volcano that cameraman of a Chile uses a time exposure to film gimmick is obtained 4 years ago erupts landscape.

[Be not first]

" daily Post " say, resemble " Badageniya: Of the earth secret heaven " such large newsreel, video needs to be mixed through examine and verify of personnel of BBC high level approbate. Their or thinks to build a holiday to be able to be accepted, or feels he is OK deceive pass a barrier.

Face public opinion doubt, the BBC makes a statement, admit to should explain the picture is made for later period originally.

Statement says: We are to show gallant lightning thunderstorm marvellous spectacle to the audience, this kind of picture is impossible by sheet camera films finish, used two paragraphs of Badageniya's volcanic video to synthesize a picture so.

Nevertheless, we realize, ought to explain beforehand. For this, we published rich guest to explain adoption technical method, statement says.

This is not the BBC uses synthetic technology in newsreel first. Be in early 2011 " freezing heavenly body " in, the BBC synthesized polar bear field to produce the picture of son. This is announced to be polar bear to labor inside German zoo after video, match with field setting.

The view that production just gives out at that time is, film polar bear field produces young animal almost impossible. (reporter Chen Lixi, edit Wang Hongbin, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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