Greek coast discovers have cankered baby body or come from refugee family

Will report on October 5 according to Hong Kong media, greek coast posse is in 4 days division this the infantile body that the island discovered a serious decay, the baby that dies according to believing this misfortune comes from refugee family. The Ai Lan of Syrian small refugee that this tragedy can'ts help making a person remember the be addicted to that discovers in Turkey bea

ch at the beginning of September dies Kuerdi.

Greek authorities shows, t

his body of male baby discovers on the beach of hotel of a seaside, gone male baby wears white jacket and green pants, estimate 6 to 12 months big. At present authorities has sent past division this remains this the hospital undertakes autopsy. The citizenship of male baby still unknown.

On September 2, the remains of 3 years old of male Tong Ailan is in Syria Turkey south beach is discovered. In the photograph, small Ai Lan is wearing gules T-shirt unlined upper garment and blue shorts, the face is gadarene bending over, resembled be asleep same. This piece of photograph is in very quickly each big gregarious website travels to come, cause astonish extensively. 2 days of before dawn are taking Ai Lan's father wife and two sons, with its 11 his stowaways push a boat that is restricted to take 4 people together, from Turkey peninsula of Bo Delu Mu sails past division this island, because midway ship is serious overweighted capsize. (letter lotus)

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