Russia is oral before appraise air attack announcement U.S. Army " let " beautiful curule watch is malcontent

Russia department of defense will confirm on September 30, the war that Russia already began to spread out to organize Mohammedan

country in the light of the extreme in Syrian churchyard acts.

This mark is worn Syrian conflict erupts more than 4 years, russia first martial intervening Syria.

Kenashenkefu says Er of Yi Ge of spokesman of Russian department of defense, the target developed the Mohammedan nation that Russian opport

unity for combat is aimed at Syrian churchyard essence of life allows to hit.

According to the view of Russian department of defense, air attack target basically is ammo of equipment of martial equipment, communication, weapon and fuel.

Beijing published Russian president Fulajimierpu that day countrywide televised speech, before saying the extreme force in Syrian churchyard constitutes bigger menace to Russia, russia must spread out blow of anticipate the enemy to its. If these terrorist score a success in Syria, they can launch assault to Russia, and Russia won't allow this kind of thing happening.

Beating the exclusive and right way with terroristic international is anticipate the enemy, general Beijing says, in these terrorist already occupational area is hit, destroy them, is not to wait for them to search come to come.

Oral inform a requirement to let

An official of American department of defense that does not wish to publish a full name is some earlier moment says, russia an official left to the United States to be stationed in Yi diplomatic mission from an information center of Iraqi capital Bagdad in the morning that day local time, oral the war that signals Russia to just be about to spread out acts.

They tell us to will begin to launch air attack in Syria ahead of schedule, the place is near Holmes, this official says, square bulletin compares Russia air attack became early a hour.

This official says, after Russian honest officer informs air attack to plan, ask beautiful square opportunity for combat lets, but the particular situation that did not signal air attack of Russian square plan. After this, as usual of square task of groovy military affairs has the beauty.

Difference of beautiful square malcontent target?

Cooke confirms Peter of the Pentagon spokesman, assorted of A of American defense minister gets stuck to had given orders especially suddenly the communication contact of open and Russia respect, conflict produces in order to avoid bilateral opportunity for combat in Syrian territorial air.

When senior official accepts media to interview, a beauty just expresses, honest previous commitment meets Russia avoid to be in the unexpected conflict of Syrian territorial air and beauty to just maintain communicate, but the United States just thinks this was planted that day simple present and oral signal square acceptance of means and Russia not conform to.

A beautiful honest official that does not wish to publish a full name says, yaohankeli was opposite American Secretary of State that day Xieergailafuluofu says Russian minister of foreign affairs, russian square practice is helpless at eliminating conflict.

In addition, the United States still just oppugns Russia to just be aimed at the view of Mohammedan country about air attack.

A message personage weighs Syrian security armed forces, russian opportunity for combat is right that day the cause that Holmes, Ladajiya and Ha Ma save Syria 3 times launched air attack.

However, a beautiful honest official says, according to beautiful square preliminary judgement, the air attack that Russia launchs was not aimed at Mohammedan country it seems that target; Syrian opposition public figure says, the Holmes of Russia air attack partial section arms by opposition control, the member that do not have Mohammedan compatriots. (Xu Chao)

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