Beautiful Russia put up with avoids to produce martial conflict to develop a dialogue in Syria

American department of defense says 29 days, the United States and army of Russia two countries will open communication channel very quickly, discuss how to avoid to produce martial conflict when air strike extreme will organize Mohammedan country to be located in Syrian churchyard target henceforth.

The library overcomes Peter of spokesman of beautiful department of defense to said on the press conference that day, beautiful Russia both sides speaks this aim to ensure US-led churchyard of appraise of allied air attack is Mohammedan country the martial activity of the target, the interference of any martial activities that won't be undertaken in appraise in the future by Russia, prevent miscarriage of justice of occurrence military affairs of beautiful Russia both sides.

Cooke says, the specific time that beautiful Russia military affairs communicates will count day to decide henceforth, express, beautiful Russia both sides is in blow appraise churchyard has common interest on problem of Mohammedan state armed member.

American president Aobama and Beijing of Russia pre

sident general are 28 days inside U.N. building with respect to Wu Kelan and Syria the problem lifts guild. General Beijing expresses after the meeting, although be put in vast difference, but chat deal with concrete matters relating to work and candid. Senior official of a faceless United States says, a talk of half hours is full of achievement.

This beautiful Russia two army op

en communication channel, will be the United States after because of Wukelan from March 2014 crisis time-out and Russia military affairs cooperate first martial contact.

Current, the action backwater that American dominant hits Mohammedan state not before, and Russia strengthens the military affairs in Syria to exist, cause the United States to just be anxious.

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