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Iraq pulls hand Russia to share IS information " make a face " the United States

Iraq confirms 27 days, iraq has combined Russia, Syria and Iran 3 countries, information center is built in Iraqi churchyard, share the information that organizes Mohammedan country about the extreme. This one act has apparently violate the United States. . .

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Taliban comes 14 years head razzia Afghan provincial capital or into main fortified point

Armed personnel of class of Afghan tower benefit north of 28 days of assault offsprings person province metropolis offsprings person, razzia a hospital of local and a jail, then is occupational governor office ground. Political analyst says, on one hand, if offspring person fall completely into tower benefit. . .

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Smile of meeting general Beijing starts lunch of the United Nations General Assembly a cup of Aobama is inflexible to inspecting

Beijing of Russia president general and American president Aobama borrow the machine that attends U.N. meeting 28 days to cite guild interview, this is two people two years many come a subaltern time interview. Divide talk content, language of the expression when they meet, limbs also is paid close attention to by the outside.

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Day intermediary: China arrests two Japan spy suspect or sentence capital punishment

The message says, 2 people do not grow China, after arriving at China from Japan however, arrest.

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Does the palace of sand spy royal family that perform fight big play to uncover secret how is sand spy kingship passed?

 News background / how is sand spy kingship passed? According to sand spy law, kingship must open monarch by sand spy kingdom advocate Aboduleaqici's descendants is successive. The kingship before the basis is reformed accedes convention, kingly v/arc be on the throne. . .

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American president and Iranian minister of foreign affairs since 1979 first historic handclasp

According to report of Iranian news agency, za Lifu of Iranian minister of foreign affairs and American president Aobama are accident on new York the United Nations General Assembly meet and discuss, two people are historic handclasp says hello to.  Official of American the White House also confirms, two people are in U.N. lunch. . .

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The United States announces 25 people are mixed related punish and IS 5 organizations

The United States announces punish and extreme organize the 25 people of Mohammedan state-owned correlation and 5 organizations 29 numbers, it is the United States is aimed at the punish measure with Mohammedan the most large-scale country in recent years. The United States shows these individuals and organization spread all over Europe, Asia and middle east. . .

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In Peruvian farmer protest endowment copper mine is sent 3 dead 6 provinces enter urgent state (graph)

Peruvian south farmer is remonstrant place in endowment copper mine exploitation works, with police clash, police shoots beat dead 3 people, 17 people are injured, include 8 polices among them. Presidential Wu Ma pulls Zhou Er (29 days) declare downy zone of southern the Andes. . .

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The CEO before the masses just is investigated by German check firm say oneself do not have err

German inquisitor is opposite 28 days Wentekeen starts presiding apparitor Martin before people group investigation, emphasize in investigating him to discharge be related be operatinged in masses car tail gas, assume why to plant part. Expose to the sun this month give masses car environmental protection to detect &l. . .

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Sand spy royal family is familial graphic court authority fights the member seek overthrow king (graph)

Saudi Arabia royal family counterpoises newly a bottle of surface, a letter that by monarch of found a state later generations issues is in this month the royal family is familial and in-house circulate, occasion suspicion in one's mind forcing the king or emperor to abdicate. Correspondence warns a country to be immersed in finance difficulty, make likely the royal family loses mastery power, lance. . .

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Aobama: Wish to help Syrian group new government with Russia collaboration

American president Aobama organizes Mohammedan country to moderate extremely with respect to blow in U.N. , he reiterates, meeting Mohammedan country is a lengthy process, syria needs a new political power, and the United States already got ready to cooperate with all countries.  

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Han intermediary says green Wataili holds Panjiwen in both hands to choose a president to think to result from " inside bottle "

The lieutenancy of Korea president Piao Jinhui already was passed half, about be in office within the party, who can become the topic that leaves a presidential candidate to often see Zhu Baoduan. " Han nation news " say 29 days, during be being discussed as this couplet congress Piao Jinhui and. . .

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Afghan army announces to counterattack: Will recapture by Taliban occupational town of military importance

In report will occupy new network on September 30 Singapore " associated morning paper " report, afghan government builds up 29 days this month army counterattacks, before wanting to recapture one day be offspringed by Taliban's occupational upp

er strategy city person (Kunduz) . Armed element of tower benefit class 28 days. . .

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United States of bitterly attack of the United Nations General Assembly on Iranian president says its are random germ of middle east disaster

Iran and United States talk 6 times with etc the country had striking progress on Iranian nucleus problem, signed Iranian nucleus agreement. But the two countries of Iran and United States does not talk to go up however on the relation become reconciled. According to the United States " Washington Post " 9. . .

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Vietnam chairman chela is visited China the rear foot goes to fall out of the United Nations General Assembly to be approved babyish do not have memory

Will report on September 28 according to associated press, zhang Jin of Vietnam state chairman is achieved (Truong Tan Sang) accepts the absurd when interviewing to say during the the United Nations General Assembly, china disobeys law of nations in the insular reef construction of Nanhai, minatory and maritime. . .

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American fistfight player puts smelly fart to fume spit adversary netizen to breathe out continuously disgusting (the spot pursues)

According to England " lens signs up for " will report on September 27, recently, on championship of American culminating fistfight, when a player and adversary scuffle fall down, suffer the smelly fart of adversary makes a surprise attack, vomit inside competition ground immediately. This video is uploaded &rdq of types of facial makeup in operas. . .

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Germany is tightened up receive Balkan refugee to strengthen border land control (graph)

In report will occupy new network on September 30 outside intermediary report, german cabinet approved to take refugee newly a few days ago act, aim to reduce the emigrant number that comes from a the Balkan peninsula to go to Germany. Risking life d

anger a few days ago to Syrian couple, taking 8 months. . .

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Beautiful general election Hillary chose affection to bad Cline pauses or will go into action 2016 aid its to enter into an election contest

In report will occupy new network on September 30 central company report, spread out 2 degrees to strive for United States of nomination of the Democratic Party, contend from Hillary of the Secretary of State before the United States 2016 after presidential general election, clinton hides mostly behind the curtain, but this before American president. . .

2015-09-30 08:32 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
India will be in in imprint border land adds headquarters expert to say to add disturbed element

" Indian times " 28 days of reports say, try to inbreak ceaselessly in view of the the Chinese People's Liberation Army, imprint decision of police of Tibetan border land establishs a new headquarters in row city. Meanwhile, imprinting those who accuse Kashmir to draw the district that amount to a gram is tall. . .

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American Secretary of State sends statement to congratulate Chinese National Day in the gram (full text)

Report will be in people net Washington on September 29 eve of Chinese National Day, secretary of State overcomes the United States to will make a statement li on September 29, congratulate National Day of People's Republic of China. Statement full text is as follows: On October 1, people's Republic of China is celebrated the 6th. . .

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