American Secretary of State sends statement to congratulate Chinese National Day in the gram (full text)

Report will be in people net Washington on September 29 eve of Chinese National Day, secretary of State overcomes the United States to will make a statement li on September 29, congratulate National Day of People's Republic of China.

Statement full text is as follows:

On October 1, during People's Republic of China celebrates the 66th National Day, government of my representing United States and Aobama's president express enthusiastic congratul

ation to this. American people and Chinese people have deep friendship, this kind of friendship is in in answering the challenge with Asia-Pacific grim area jointly, deepened further. Go one year, include the state visit that Chairman Xi Jinping has to the United States last week to make clear, our two countries can obtain positive result through coo


To encourage two countries people to communicate, we take contact of personnel of measure advantage two countries. For the world more safe, two countries prevents nuke to diffuse jointly. Leave more healthy environment to give a descendants, two countries is reducing greenhouse gas to discharge, should gain headway to climate change respect.

The main challenge that the two countries in the United States cooperates to answer a face to face to the world is helpful, we expect to continue to deepen collaboration with China.

Wish Chinese the Republic of China celebrates joy heartily, the coming year restful, prosperity.

In gram of Secretary of State

On September 29, 2015

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