The skin investigates especially: After 40 years Asian will become the United States the biggest immigrant group (graph)

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Will report on September 28 according to wall street daily, a research that comes from a skin to investigate a center especially shows, did not come 50 years, the Asia emigrates and their child will form American mouth increment medium the majorrest.

A remarkable trend is, as the Asia immigrant is coming ceaselessly, inferior descendants now is exclusive the group that a number rises, to 2055, inferior descendants will surmount the Latin America descendants that tells spanish steadily, become the United States' biggest foreign country to be born a group of things with common features group.

Inferior descendants holds emigrant proportion criterion will from today about 25% rise to 38%

This considers to think, 2015 to 2065, american mouth predicts to will increase 36% , to 441 million person. 88% what immigrant and their offspring will occupy population increment, namely 103 million person.

Should calculate covered mix legally illegal immigrant, be based on every 10 years of American census data, and sample every year in proportion the data of American community investigation of investigation undertakes integration analysis.

Those who be worth particularize is, profit from inferior the grow in quantity with emigrant descendants, to 2055 the United States will own the majority that takes absolutely advantage no longer phyletic or nation. To 2055, the white man that there is 46% in population of predicting United States, Latin America of 24% descendantses, inferior descendants is occupied 13% what 14% exceed a black. Current data is, the white man in American mouth is occupied 62% , latin America descendants is occupied 18% .

All along of Latin America descendants is the main force that north bleachs the United States.

But, from latin america especially the emigrant amount that Mexico comes to, already put delay considerably. Luopeici says the couplet co-worker mark that this research reports. Meanwhile, the immigrant that comes from an Asia rises steadily, especially China and India.

2015, the proportion that Latin America descendants holds American immigrant population is 47% ; To 2065, its are occupied come than falling 31% . Inferior descendants holds emigrant proportion criterion will from today about 25% rise to 38% .

Luo Peici points out, american mouth forms day of beneficial diversification, this had the latent capacity of politics of heavy model United States.

British finance times points out, research revealed immigrant to will change American mouth to people, change American politics then. Although be proud the politician of party of big mouth republican of charming Telangpu, often attract partial constituency, production topic with cannon immigrant, but he must put down future for the ticket storehouse of a few a group of things with common features descendants probably figure.

In last centuries 70 time, new immigrant of the United States basically comes from Europe. From on 90 time come the century the near future, in record-breaking Mexico immigrant is driven below, latin america area becomes big to population output of the United States state. And since 2011, the Asia

makes the United States' biggest emigrant origin land very quickly.

Now, the United States is close of 2/3 inferior descendants is born in abroad, and Latin descendants American is only 37% outside be the sea, be born.

Consider to point out, inferior have in descendants American by tens of thousands India and Chinese student. After graduation, a lot of people make visa leave the United States with casual, applied for legal permanent and resident authority finally. After obtaining green card 5 years, they can apply for to become American citizen.

Wu Haiyan (transliteration) , went to san Francisco university to s

tudy computer science from China 2007. Her employer is the enterprise of science and technology of ground of one family belongs, applying green card for her. Ms. Wu of 30 years old expresses, the hope can stay for a long time in the United States, look forward to the family is established in the United States. The field develops in software technology, the United States is representing everything. She says. You can get the biggest chance.

Pasheer expresses Jeff of this coauthor that studies a report, demographer, ceng Xian removes the Mexico of billow of emigrant now United States, return the level before 2007 impossibly already. Mexico is the neap that comes 50 years before emigrant person number, occupy comparing also is all immigrant a group of things with common features group medium the smallest portion.

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