General Beijing bilateral conference have a talk fears " of engage in a battle of " of great debate of couplet of abstruse Ba Ma instead collaboration

Local time 28 days, american president Aobama and Beijing of Russia president general are in respectively the the United Nations General Assembly makes a speech in run-of-mill controversy, both sides is in how to end Syria 4 years problem each other of the war does not let. On the other hand, aobama still is sending call the turn, to Russia annex Kelimiya

expresses to be deeply concerned.

And in a bit late that day moment, both sides was held meet formally, 15 months are separated when this distance meets formally last. Meet after the end, general Beijing makes a statement say, russia hour prepares the relation of development and rehabilitate and United States, beautiful Russia considers to establish cooperative mechanism blow is terroristic.

Aobama: Understand accumulated rancor of Russian black history, but cannot look on indifferently

And on the other hand, aobama is right in the speech the Mi Ya in Russia annex gram and in Wukelandongbude the area carries out armed strength activity to express to be deeply concerned further.

He expresses, a profundity of Russia of beautiful square understanding and Wukelan and complex historical accumulated rancor. However, when the dominion of a country and territorial integrity are encroached avowedly by, international society cannot look on indifferently, because this may happen in any country. Accordingly, the United States and its partner implemented sanction to Russia, but this does not mean period of cold war of American hope regain.

Aobama says, regard the United States as the president, he is leading the most powerful army on the world. To protect oneself country and ally, he is in necessary when none can hesitant one-sided uses a force.

Before this, according to CNN report, aobama expresses when publishing an address 27 days, he will be in the the United Nations General Assembly uses the one's words than there is specific aim more between lieutenancy before in run-of-mill controversy.

This is make a speech the 7th year on the the United Nations General Assembly, and what my conversation says is straighter, aobama expresses, as the growth of white hair, I also more chest of bosom of apt straight express. Do not mind me to say please so, the depth that unless we are serious,faces dignity of minatory world common people and happiness and benefit second menace.

Both sides sends call the turn in the the United Nations General Assembly with respect to Syrian problem engage in a battle

According to U.N. website message, the United Nations General Assembly of the 70th the United Nations General Assembly is run-of-mill the controversy pulls open heavy curtain formally at 9 o'clock 28 days morning local time. According to the convention, the the United Nations General Assembly sponsors the presidential Aobama of the host country United States of the ground to publish an address in the 2nd.

Occupy phonic report of the United States, when refer Syria problem, aobama expresses, after bleed through so much and slaughtering, syria cannot return the condition before the war again.

Aobama expresses, to the answer with Syrian war simple neither one, but must carry diplomatic channel with respect to the Syrian civilian peaceful coexistence is reached consistent.

He condemns Asade to serve as a leader, abandon dynamite bucket to his people, this is the attack of pair of whole mankinds. His appeal spreads out calculated to transfer, drive Syrian president Asade nonofficeholding.

And the general Beijing warning that address 10 years first on the the United Nations General Assembly says, syrian government and its armament are in brave ground and terroristic undertake face-to-face fight. Rejecting to cooperate with them is a tremendous mistake.


ent, russia is hitting the organization of terrorist to provide military affairs and technical support to Iraq and Syria. As Security Council this month spell chairman country, general Beijing expresses, russia will hold ministerial class meeting as soon as possible, the menace that is faced with to middle east has comprehensive research.

General Beijing suggests, first job is to discuss Security Council to whether can coordinate all blow Mohammedan country and the action that other horror organizes pass a resolution, but emphasize, this harmonious action must be based on the principle of United Nations Charter.

Beautiful Russia plans to establish cooperative mechanism blow is terroristic

According to news of Russia satellite network, local time 28 days, general Beijing and Aobama were held during new York the United Nations General Assembly bilateral meet. This is both sides is held first in two years of in the past bilateral meet.

The report says, meeting is held in order to shut door form, duration is one times longer than planning time much. Meet local time 17 when begin 05 minutes, 18 when end 45 minutes.

Meet after the end, general Beijing makes a statement say, russia hour prepares the relation of development and rehabilitate and United States. The consensus of necessity respect existence that beautiful Russia both sides is strengthening collaboration to fear instead, have effect to make the job makes progress, both sides establishs corresponding mechanism jointly in the consideration.

General Beijing still says with respect to Syrian problem, he respects the person of the same trade of the United States and France very much, but the destiny of Syrian president Asade should be not decided by them, the thing that this is him Syrian.

General Beijing expresses, besides support Syrian authorities is hit terroristic besides, we still will ask to be reformed into travel politics and advance political course stoutly, and be known according to him, a Sa Deye agrees with this.

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