Japanese militia plans to go to Na Sudan executes mission of rush to the rescue or show personnel to sacrifice

Japan " daily newspaper is contemporary " the report will say the magazine on September 27, u.N. peace keeping is participated in to act in Na Sudan (the Japanese militia of PKO) , will assume new job of convoy of rush to the rescue. " daily newspaper is contemporary " think, how to after times political power passes security bill forcibly, begin to be engaged in harum-scarum instantly, may bring about afterwar Japan militia to appear first prey.

Convoy of rush to the rescue is to show in the place that is far from Japan army and blame government organize his country (the rescuing job that when NGO) makes a surprise attack by the armed strength, has. Before this, this task belongs to Japanese constitution the 9th in place illicit is abroad armed strength exercise, security proposed law makes its became a possibility. Although Japanese government begins to revise army the action is fiducial (ROE) , stipulate militia can use the circumstance of the weapon and program strictly, decide to will make new PKO implement a plan at ministerial meeti

ng, but the Na Sudan that executing aid convoy mission first, militia avoids personal casualty very hard.

Na Sudan experienced more than 20 years of civil war, at was able to become independent 2005. To assist the Na Sudan after dispute ends, japanese government begins to send onshore militia to Na Sudan from 2011, but government of the Sudan austral 2013 army with before erupt again between vice president clique civil war, the Indian troop that PKO sends makes a surprise attack by armed organization, 5 people be murdered. Although can be the 9th times with constitution,pretext rejects Japan at that time convoy of rush to the resc

ue, but cannot refuse henceforth. Predict the casualties rate of self-defensive team member will rise really henceforth. (Japan defends the province is in charge of a reporter)

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