Uncover element of secret female extreme to be IS to enrol a person to bring vermicelli made from bean starch to go with gregarious media Libyan

Global woman peak will be held in U.N. on September 27, include to make an appointment with 80 countries dynast and summit inside delegate of nearly 100 countries develops a topic for discussion to compare notes around global woman. Be in this world however, still individual woman suffers extreme element bewitch, going further more on wrong road.

According to England " defend a newspaper " 27 days of reports, institute of British strategy dialog is passed be opposite inside a few months 3 females that English is mother tongue undertake monitoring, believe this they from today summer begin, be in all the time Libyan through elements of all sorts of extreme of method recruit English-speaking.

The report says, 3 women used a variety of gregarious media methods, include to push mix especially illicit is close chatting software, for example Surespot and Telegram. Hundreds they and oneself vermicelli made from bean starch undertakes because the line of 500 miles of border land of Syria and Turkey border on is shut,be osculatoried, they suggest epigone is headed for Libyan, say this kind of means can enter the territory of IS more easily.

Be aimed at the gregarious media with target concentrated user

IS is in Libyan rampant had exceeded a year of time. Now, libyan had become this extreme organization to be in the largest base area beyond middle east. IS set headquarters in the Suerte of Libyan north, and here also is before the birthplace of Libyan leader Ka Zafei. Li Bo is carried in Libyan capital in, IS installed Education Foundation of an extreme armed.

Doctrine of war of emperor of female of west of strategic dialog institute person expert Milan Ni Smith (Melanie Smith) think, the female is headed for Liby

an the critical point that joining IS is a danger.

The gregarious media that Smith weighs to these people are used is the gregarious media with British concentrated user, and the ultraist of they and foregone flower book ultraist and British home has connection.

This week, from London east the vermicelli made from bean starch that the area heads for Syria to pull the female ultraist of card to appeal her is headed for Libyan. This woman descendantses for Pakistan, head of 20 annual expenditure, husband of the middle ten days of a month will be killed in July, became a widow.

She publishs push civil say: Sister of how many brother was in tiredly Turkey, cannot come home also cannot come in quite quite. . . . . . Application visa goes Libyan IS. We need to promote attention to spend.

By June, one claims the female of anonymous sister writes: Come Libyan, do not escape only Syria. Libyan also need you. With day, her complement says: 5 brother came here before a month, they sacrificed now. . . . . . Libyan holy battle needs you! ! ! !

Of anonymous sister push special before Zhang number is being involved to stop already operation near two years. She says she arrived on June 19, 2015 Libyan, released all sorts of is in Libyan mobile link. In the meantime, date of be in debt and Libyan a person English is used in arming has connection, and additional two females that English is mother tongue are in likewise Libyan.

Another extreme element professes A Xiya's sister (Umm Asiyah) . The report says, on interlocution website Ask.fm, somebody asks why she is headed for Libyan, her answer falls for the law in the god living.

The sister still is pushing A Xiya to go up especially release push civil talk about the anguish that leaves family. On July 2, she writes: Every time the voice that I hear a mother, I am overwhelmed with sorrow, hope god can get her from the ground that break one's promise. Before a week, her hair is pushed civil say, head for Libyan should compare Turkey a few simpler.

Element of the 3rd extreme claims Mu Za predicts a sister (Umm Mus Ab) . She says she was headed for in May 2015 Libyan, the vermicelli made from bean starch that tells oneself can watch the land of your face to this nobody. She says Libyan life unimaginably is good.

Head for Libyan make a trend

Date of these 3 Zhang already was sealed to ban now, smith says, they did not allude any associate with that are in England, but other evidence proves they and England have connection.

Of the spoken language that they use and our monitoring other the British female in Iraq and Syria is very similar; Unusual appearance resembles diction, slang also is, and quotative thing also is such.

See when us the female begins migratory, this means this organization to consolidating this territory builds a nation, and it is a few more occupational only not just domanial. The force in one area is firmer,

meet in the population of that one area increasing, more change hard. Smith says, head for Libyan had made a kind of trend as new foothold.

Smith says, they Libyan regard as new front will talk about, regard as oneself new territory. And this means new plan to may transform for bypass Libyan enter Europe up next. What North Africa is in on Libyan predestined relationship is in the ground is adjacent, this one effect makes a person anxious very much.

IS is foothold with Suerte, to Africa east bank and the bank is advanced on the west, at the same time Xiang Na enters the oil field that Xierte has large area here, it is one of Libyan oil field core. And have at least 12 oil field are killed because of engineering personnel or by staking high load capacity runs.

The base area that IS is raising the west Saibulada in Li Bo ever belonged to Yuansaeryisilan doctrinal organization (Ansar Al-Sharia) , this organization announces partisan IS. In Saibulada, a lot of armed elements head for Iraq, Syria and Tunisia after recieve training. Tunisia government weighs what village tourist launchs attack to museum of multilateral to Ba Er this year home and Su Sai beach go vacationing armed element pulls tower recieve training with respect to Ceng Zaisai cloth.

Extreme element is mixed in the tourist

Tunisia and Sahala with the foreign volunteer of south Africa continent joins IS ceaselessly, a few Englishmans borrow Tunisia and Libyan, syria is entered through Turkey after recieve training. This one circuitry makes among the British tourist that their conceal is in thousands of toward Tunisia driving, be discovered very hard. Nevertheless, this also proved to a few Englishmans stay in Libyan likelihood.

British government prohibits the countryman is headed for with any forms Libyan. British government spokesman ever expressed, anybody is headed for with any reasons Libyan, it is to be in be immersed in oneself great risk in. Try to head for abroad the person that has terror ought to realize, we will be protective state security to adopt stoutly most strong acts.

Meanwhile, each are intensifying taking action in the IS force that is aimed at Iraq and Syria. 27 days, iraqi army says to agree to share information with government of Russia, Syria and Iran, hit IS. American Secretary of State expresses with day in the gram, beautiful Russia two countries should cooperate in the round on blow IS problem. Iraqi army says, at least on 1000 Russians joined IS to arm.

French president Aolangde expresses, france has gotten ready to negotiate cooperation with respect to Syrian crisis problem and each country. 27 days, french opportunity for combat began bomb of pair of Syrian IS armed.

Responsibility edits: Su Limei

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