German refugee camp erupts hundreds crowd beat up is not worth because of the toilet (graph)

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Heart intermediary says, refugee circumstance of Germany will upgrade once more on September 25, it is this stannum is compared in Lai. Include Syrian and Afghan inside about 200 refugees use leg of board, table and bedstead to roughhouse in dwelling place of of short duration. Origin nots worth to carry: Use the closet conflict with not much amount to not to fall first to who. Till the police large-scale dispatch, just dominate a got-up affair.


graph is on September 5, 2015, enthusiastic people hits a banner to welcome the arrival of the refugee in German Frankfurt railway station. Consult temporarily according to Fayiman of premier of German premier Mokeer and Austria Austrian decision, begin in the morning from 5 days, by Hungarian large quantities of refugees that send to abstruse chest border land with the bus already arrived at Germany in succession by train from Austria.

According to Germany " the world signs up for " the report will say the website on September 28, refugee crisis brings huge extra burden to German police. They need to be registered for arrival, mediation accepts the conflict inside the orgnaization, protective refugee avoids the harm that gets ultra-Right member. Police reachs bear upper limit already completely, yaoergeladeke of vice-chairman of constabulary labour union says, our fuzz is handling increasing in the conflict inside refugee asylum happening. If have the local occupy of 750 bed only 4000 people, this kind of crowded conference brings about aggressive sex. Hook up such bagatelle can evolve into the toilet start work fight.

The report says, as a result of hand of interconnection of different group appearance, large-scale affray frequency is sent. This is not to expedite what a patron wagon can solve, we had expedited 21 patron wagon at most, ladeke says.

Ladeke says: We must do our best avoid to continue to erupt conflict. I think according to religious area cent finds a place for the refugee is very important. He basically points to divisional Moslem and Nazarene.

At present only attempt distinguishs by one's previous experience find a place for the federal state of the refugee is graph Lin Genzhou. Rich of this state governor pulls Mei Luo more going up the month inspects erupt the Su Er refugee of conflict finds a place for afore-mentioned decisions are made after the dot.

The report says, the way that Bavarian city also tries to conflict with avoid finds a place for the refugee. We can notice the family all members find a place for in same place, bavarian city Yamule says Aimili of social welfare minister, what also can consider the refugee at the s

ame time is not agnate with religion.

" Sunday world signs up for " already had reported the attack incident that is aimed at the Nazarene inside refugee asylum many cases. Fuerkeerkaode of chairman of political parties and other organizations of allied party parliament, before interior minister Hans - those Defulidelixi and Jiemuecidaimier of green party chairman.

A few refugees accepted an orgnaization to employ at present personal security company, but the effect is general. A lot of refugees say, these security personnel are mostly right outside the thing of conflict place oneself between the refugee, conflict to what bring about because of religious reason especially. Because of itself of personnel of a lot of security with respect to out Moslem family.

The report says, nevertheless, ladeke still asks to add personal security company the guard to accepting an orgnaization. We need personal security company, in order to ease the pressure of police, he says.

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