Thailand announces case of 17 Bangkok explosion accuses 8 · broken: The criminal fastens population smuggling ring

Thailand police total arrange announces case of explosion of 8 17 Bangkok is accused 28 days broken, the criminal comes from population smuggling ring, explosive case is right after peaceful government hits population to contraband, executive revengeful behavior. 17 suspects, already arrested 2 people at present. On August 17, buddha of Bangkok all sides breaks out explosion, bring about 20 people to die, include 7 China citizen. (Zhao Yanrong)

Outspread read: Thailand police announces Bangkok explosion case accuses b

roken suspect to come from cross group peaceful intermediary to call Bangkok explosive reason secretly: The department hits dimension a group of things with common features to cross Bangkok explosion desk secretly to retaliate Thailand first suspect points to identify spot picture exposure to rep

roduce guilty scene

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