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Reference news net will report England on September 17 " daily telecommunications signs up for " the website will publish a problem to be on September 15 " Korea is right Korea: The armament contrast of two countries if why " article, the author is Daiweibulaier, compile as follows:

Data chart: The Korea missile on military review. (the picture results from network)

The armament of Korea overstaffed exceeds its south neighbour considerably on the amount. When involving soldier and cannon, korea to its enemy of early in the morning is enjoyed 2 than the advantage of one.

However, the enough soldier that holds light-duty weapon not can advantage of translate into military affairs. The armament of Korea may be very giant, but their weapon and equipment greatly outdated.

Be in theoretic, the air force of Korea owns 563 aircrafts that have battle capacity. And actually, because safeguard,wait for a problem, these planes were in each times medium 2014 short-term inside cannot take off.

Korea in groovy war almost each domain is in lee fact to mean, its convey in order to launch the form of a gunfire or such nearly always to the menace of Korea. Ten

s of year come people assumes all the time, korea uses its giant missile weapon warehouse, especially fleet-footed missile, the assault of the anticipate the enemy that adopts in the light of Korea city and civilian population will cause a war.

Korea army has 21 thousand gun, among them a lot of aim the capital head Er of Korea according to the letter.

Under photograph comparing, a few best weapons that the United States of armament benefit from benefit from with Korea lesser dimensions supplies and equipment, include to exceed 2000 tank and battleplan of hundreds F-5, F-15 and F-16 and bomber.

More important is, under the safe umbrella of Korea park United States, and have soldier of twenty-eight thousand five hundred United States Korea of long-term quarter at.

In addition, the hunger that the person makes frail during the person that the army of Korea eats those who get better Korea to flee talks about bright army of hold office at court normally is experienced.

This kind lopsided still conduce to an explanation why Korea political power goes all lengths build nuclear arsenal. Possess ultimate weapon only, ability captures the ruler of Korea to ensure relative to the advantage at Korea they avoid Yu Jun thing to fail.

Getting on 10 years, korea already from the atom bomb with deploy coarse minority, development is own complete weapon library, have amount to 20 can to load the nuclear warhead on short distance and intermediate range missile.

Korea is trying to master the ability that fires nuclear missile from submarine at present, theoretic, this kind of development can hit your Korea the United States.

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