" wolf totem " beautiful intermediary shows in the beauty: Chinese film retries market of water North America

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Of proper Hollywood a lot of big are in China domestic movies market again and again win during, chinese film " wolf totem " the big screen that entered Hollywood's famous China theater, achieved the new record that mark of this Hollywood ground comes to 88 years, this are in complete beauty many 100 cinema shows each district at the same time.

Website of phonic broadcasting station will report on September 14, china and French in harmony piece " wolf totem " the screen of IMAX of TCL China theater that will begin to have ground tender sense in Hollywood on September 11 is shown. According to the information that this cinema releases, this is Chinese theater since 1927 since practice, its on history of 88 years, first time commerce shows the full-length film of mandarin. The

IMAX screen of Chinese theater is occupied saying is the IMAX theater with the greatest whole world. Meanwhile, " wolf totem " also will be the first mandarin IMAX motion picture that shows in American market.

" wolf totem " it is Rangyakeanuo of director of Sino-French in harmony, France hold the gut that guide piece, adapt be the same as a novel from Jiang Rong. Film tells about Inner Mongolia prairie to go up, adopt the view of an educated youth, conflict intensely between person of narrate in detail and nature. This piece it is this year Chinese inland one of New Year films 2015, achieved the box-office result of 110 million dollar successfully, amount to 5 million dollar in the income of IMAX theater among them. Predict " wolf totem " the Oscar that will represent Chinese contend next year is optimal foreign language piece award.

" wolf totem " through the number new transcribe is IMAX three-dimensional form version, begin from September 11 in American market 125 cinemas perform a week, having 100 among them is IMAX theater. The theater of a few IMAX that still is booked in latin america country later on this year is shown.

Be in China, film booking office appears to rise quickly trend, than last year the corresponding period soared first half of the year 2015 near 50% , of Hollywood " speed and passion 7 " , " avenger alliance 2: ? Alcohol of the foot of mountain carries  extensive on the back to low Yun returns a billows of  goosefoot fade however  of regretful of star of earnest   is yellow wash with watercolors small end Yu throws whencing で ? " outback booking office is crushing even income of North America booking office.

A few Hollywood observe the home thinks, box-office market is in Chinese film probably North America market will be transcended inside 5 years henceforth. " wolf totem " the Chinese theater that is in Hollywood is performed, indicate Chinese film enters a Xin Yibo the attempt of North America market.

" wolf totem " American placard (picture origin: Website of phonic broadcasting station)

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