India 17 years old of girls apply for a job rape person of 6 experience case by turns to be arrested by 10 people

Indian police says 8 days, counter scale of a newspaper of 17 years old of girls is raped by turns by acquaintance coax, police arrested suspect of 6 experience case that day. This g

irl says to police, a few neighbour say to be able to help her apply for a job, then she leaves the home in Xin Deli along with them, head for India western Er of riverside of urban room or building. Be reached by coax after a hotel of local, she is imprisoned to be inside the room, include hotel manager inside 10 people are raped by turns. Current, police is studying hotel monitoring kinescope in order to search the others the clew of 4 suspects. Frequency sends Indian gang-rape case, cause the peo

ple attention to woman safety problem. In December 2012, a female undergraduate of college of medicine is raped by turns on the bus of an undeserved class in capital new moral character by 6 men, the injury is not treated again. Incident causes large-scale display one's strength of Indian whole nation, force a government to publish the relevant legislation that includes death penalty inside, punish severely lubricious monster.

(original title: India 17 years old of girls are raped by turns 6 suspects are arrested by police)

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