The United States " 9.11 " diagnose of more than 3700 rescuer has event cancer (graph)

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9 11 relics, on cistern edge many ensign of one side United States, a man is pointing to the name on cistern edge to say to the child beside, these people are a hero.

Nick Schiralli of 68 years old cannot think of, 14 years ago on September 11 that day, he answered a lot because of be late one hour to collect, after 14 years, he still is paying price for 9 11 however: Cannot leave aerobic bottle up to now, go 5 minutes to have to stop at most suction inlet oxygen. Accordingly, he must be moved in the remote mountains with enough oxygen of administrative division of division of health Nie surname to live. What he gets is emphysema, 9 11 the diagnose after 4 years, cannot effect a radical cure.

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On September 11, 2001, 19 base organized terrorist to hijack plane of 4 civil aviaton, drive among them two hit double tower of trade centre of new York world respectively.

This cost does not calculate serious, my younger sister's husband, he is new York firemen, rescue the wounded goes up in the ground all the time during 9 11, died at leukaemia last year, ability is 56 years old. Phone that Nick halt, sucked a tone deeply it seems that, sound begins hoarse, he says, still have a lot of people paying life price for 9 11, again halt, after 3 seconds, he accentuated mood, one word says suddenly to the reporter, are you clear? The people that works around in those days is in gone, be in bitterly slowly gone.

A day that when leave in Robert Lever of the younger sister's husband of Nick, firemen, on September 22, 2014, his colleague in fire control bureau, dan Heglund and Lt. Howard Bischoff also dies in succession inside a few hours. Former die at esophagus cancer, latter dies at colonic cancer. On new York environmental protection and healthy branch website, cancer of cancer of thyroid cancer, leukaemia, lung cancer, esophagus, prostate is 9 11 in relevant disease most 5 sort of concentration.

Newest government data shows, participate in the ground to rescue, diagnose of the 3700 much people in worker of clean firemen, police, environmental sanitation suffers from on cancer, among them 2110 people are firemen, all sorts of numbers still are rising. In addition, this number does not include to suffer from on the average resident of cancer. 14 years past, calamity malformation seems an end, still be like the confuse the people's minds like the devil however, tangle to death sodden dozen, go not carefully with respect to all alone innocent life.

Although awake also cannot the nightmare of dismiss from one's mind

The immigrant 22 years ago comes to Guangzhou person Li Hua to new York, worker of Chinese of inaugural new York is met. She tells a reporter, be apart from double tower in the Chinese quarter of ten streets, the 3 Chinese are caused because of 9 11 relevant cancer that she knows dies, two people are lung cancer, one person is esophagus cancer. One go two years ago, one 3 years ago, still one went 5 years. Li Hua is pulling hand index, she says, because ordinary common people cannot get the government compensates gold, accordingly, 3 people did not undertake 9 11 relevant disease is registered.

And him Li Hua, also be in disease of the upper respiratory tract of 9 11 future trouble, also do not know what problem, cough all the day, cough to follow to the heart painful, constant a week cannot open sound.

9 11 that day, li Hua witnessed the tower austral center of trade of world of plane dash against in Chinese quarter, several blare, posse round black smoke, I think is to perform the film. Be cut off till the power source after ten minutes, aerosol comes over, she just realizes had an accident really. 3 months after that, all over the sky of Chinese quarter dust flies, closed door window, clean every day, dirt still is completely on the table on the window. Lively former days Chinese quarter, close close, far those who go is far go.

The most afflictive is nose, li Hua does not know how to should describe smelled flavor, not be a kind of fixed flavour, resemble dead fish smell sometimes, resemble smelly fart vinegar again sometimes, stimulate so that drivel flows madly, cough ceaselessly still.

Nick says, that is Tartarean flavour, the flavour of the body, the flavour of doomsday. The building of collapse is like demon animal, horizontal stroke of wanton insolent ground is in lackey on the road. People always cannot bear also dare not look attentively at, covering with collar, cuff nose mouth, or wear guaze mask quickstep to had been crossed directly. But that is redundant it seems that, total meeting transmits the person that has taken to cough coughing cough sound.

Nick assumes office to be called the company of science and technology of Kelner at at that time, he is technical total adviser. The office dies the space that trade center has a market only. Went up in the road because of a place of strategic importance that day, nick postponed the meeting of alive trade center, the news that world trade center is bumped into was heard in road, frighten so that he turns around returned the home.

Trade of world of his home distance has 16 street, the window is opened in returning the home, he can see billow smother, smell all sorts of exciting flavour. Need a hour with respect to the likelihood the life stops world trade, after-thought rises, nick feels oneself the rest of life is bestowed.

After a week, nick receives the announcement that should resume the work, return the office, one ins disorder, content is impersonal blame, "9 11 is a nightmare, although awoke, impossible also dismiss from one's mind.

The government says safety, but the dies namely obviously flavour that I breathe

Hanging aerobic bottle every day, how likely dismiss from one's mind? Go up to get together with the daughter Andrea that just went back to the motherland inaccessibly Saturday on hill shoots, every make one gun, nick has to sit down absorb an oxygen. Andrea remembers, nick returns post very quickly after 9 11 happening, and he is abrupt after 4 years weight drops, inappetence, abdominal strut, take ten kinds of drug everyday, the body expands even more later, get job is in the home.

Before long, nick moved Kangniedige city oxygen lives in enough remote mountains, I won't blame a weather, but can strange government, cheat us to say everything is safe at the outset, want everybody to return to normal as soon as possible the job, can breathe, it is dead flavour obviously.

The figure of national life and country, economy and face, undoubted, the United States in those days chose latter.

On September 17, 2001, after 9 11 happens 6 days, presidential small Bush and new York government allow to be eager to proving to horrible organization he were not Koed when, proof United States is powerful as usual, give out an announcement to ask to each government unit and all trades and professions as soon as possible homing. Curule important official is clear about economic big alligator of the United States and government, wall street and gate of other finance orgnaization close more for a long time, bigger to economic blow, bring possibly even cannot go against the annihilative loss that turn.

The United States is world economy center, new York is central center more, what the government cares is economic position, not be the safety of common people. Then, ten million looks at the igneous situation that still spreading, body that moves outside ceaselessly like the people like Nick, the odour that smelling stimulation is on working station afresh.

Because of fast and strong reaction, what Zhulianni of new York mayor allowed to get a citizen when is consistent reputably, its are strong style suffers fully at that time praise. But people worry is heavy, catastrophic picture still clearly is in eye, palpitation unceasingly. To pacify and convince the public, the branch such as bureau of American environmental protection, safe healthy committee came out to endorse, air is safe, be at ease breath; Water is safe, be at ease drink.

But at the moment high density housing materials is in two high strength that 100 high-rise have 1.2 million tons combustion, there are more than 50000 computers inside high-rise, boreal tower has 300-400 ton asbestine. Return besides the material that publish in air what is there? Juan Gonzalez is the boldest at that time the senior investigation reporter that raises doubt, he covered the investigation personnel of American geographical association, took out the dust example that differs with American government statement to analyse, he writes in the article: Many asbestine, lead, man-made fibre and much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon are contained in the dust of downtown, have high strength caustic, air alkalinity is equivalent to the cleaner in the home.

Catastrophic and current, come to help the first, ask duty subsequently, after doubt is. This give no cause for more criticism. After 9 11, the American media that dares to criticize doubt all along and public opinion bound are abrupt docile, the consecratory spirit of raise government official, officeholder, police, soldier mixes a large number of TV programs and press Dou Yihong patriotic sentiment is given priority to. As contrary as governmental point of view or the sound of doubt is very few. So the doubt of Juan Gonzalez did not get too much response at the beginning, environmental protection branch announced a few to show the data inside datum line is done on the website do appearance to finish sth. Till the body of people unwell state erupts gradually, people begins doubt: What is exciting odour after all? What is the material that can you yield igneous situation to hold afterflame to burn? What toxic material to still contain in air?

However, the data that American government publishs still safe, quiz to do not invite a reporter, environmental protection branch held the news that did not inform media to aerate meeting, released the data of safe datum line, and the data analysis that the independent department that Juan Gonzalez takes does threw a bus strike with the palm of the hand to the government again.

Ailing person is increasing, juan Gonzalez investigates discovery, near world trade center 3 street have the hospital is gone to before because breathe agnail of not suitable, nose,making an appointment with half person, the dweller of 40% coughs ceaseless. To pacify uneasy mood of the public, after 6 weeks, the government is announced eventually besides the material such as asbestine, lead, there still is more and harmful material in air. As to specific what be, how many to have, the government involves horrible assault with detailed data for investigation, defer again release, emphasize breathing difficult, pharynx and larynx for

many times unwell it is temporary.

To 9 11 topic, the government is very careful, be willing to respond to you to just be blamed

So called temporary, li Hua bore 14 years, nick also is in the diagnose after year is 9 11 4 emphysema, cannot leave remote mountains up to now. Robert of his younger sister's husband was to lose life more.

The wife of the little sister of Nick, Robert is clear remember, 9 11 Robert is off that day be in the home, the complexion after receiving telephone call of fire control bureau is choppy, his demur does not say, bear down on cloakroom, put on coat to take helmet to run outside, with run rapidly like the match, also have not enough time what to explain.

Robert is to react at that time the first batch of the fastest, firemen that hurry off to the spot to undertake the ground comes to help. The firemen before this is on duty 24 hours commonly, rest 24 hours next. During 9 11, the firemen that includes Robert inside works one day 12 hours continuously, come home to show a body a few minutes namely, eat a meal, the newspaper is restful, the dress still has not enough time to change went again.

The ground environment can at that time says the world is purgatorial. Soot billow, call sound, groan sound is ceaseless, because the condition is critical, some firemen do not have there's still time to wear even gas defence face guard bears down on foremost square. Official data shows, participate in the ground to rescue, in clean staff member, diagnose of 3700 much people cancer, exceeding 2100 patients among them is firemen, many people still suffer from on more than a kind of cancer, give priority to with pneumonia in the center. Because cancer dies,had had 110 firemen up to now.

Disaster goes 14 years, tragedy is returned however not respond to a curtain call. So, at the outset how is environmental protection job done? The environmental circumstance nowadays after all how? Safe? The ultimate test result that American government polluted circumstance place to do to 9 11 relics 2006 how? Do system of American fire control and firemen vocational training have again why be worth to learn? The reporter decides to be in seek by inquiry of eve of anniversary of 9 11 14.

Thinking is the test that the government publishs, that should have a result to announce. The reporter checked website of new York city hall and website of environmental protection branch, fail to obtain pertinent information. The news related to ultimate test also stayed in December 2006.

Fear him search capability is not strong, on August 29, the reporter grew worker of bureau of fire control of bureau of environmental protection of the office, new York, new York, Chinese to be able to send mail respectively to Newyork city, hope mayor office can offer annulus to review ultimate test data, newyork city of bureau of environmental protection of advisory new York the environmental protection circumstance nowadays, bureau of understanding fire control fireman major grooms circumstance.

Await a week, be without phonic message. Find office telephone call according to website of new York government sector, hit the past to reply: Await mail return patiently please. Waited for a week again then, the reporter will chase a dozen phones to seek advice again on September 7, the mailbox after an inquiry gets the mail of office of a mayor, mail of requirement reporter hair goes environmental protection bureau. Other department all does not have a response. The reporter comes to seek advice, explain one time, still ate to shut door a thick soup.

On September 9 afternoon 4 when, side door of headquarters of bureau of new York fire control, sit when the force of work of kick a ball that American government sector plaints in park of a side of fire control bureau in the reporter, a staff member that does not wish to disclose a full name moves toward me, he suggests I look for China to be stationed in American embassy hair to cover case directly, such American government sectors just can be willing to respond to, this is American means, everyman wants to obtain such data, want to enter a government organization, lead you without in-house personnel, you are to enter what do not go absolutely. And, after 9 11, government sector security is tight. I tell you, to 9 11 relevant topic, each government sector is very careful still, be willing to respond to you to just be blamed.

9 11 relics becomes travel heat, it is the person that the smile takes oneself everywhere

Cannot take governmental entrance door, also do not wait for a response, on September 9 afternoon, the reporter decides to head for 9 11 relics and national memorial hall, grieve over those parting life.

Blue sky white cloud, manhadu high-rise is bristly. The edifice if forest, at the outset star of grand world trade Gemini disappears, leave gap. Two large hole had been built two 6 meters of deep, quadrate cistern that cover an area of 4000 square metre each, this is complete beauty the artificial fall with the at present biggest dimensions, cistern all around the name that periphery is carving a victim. Explain personnel to say, giant cistern aims the life with engrave difficult die, gigantic running water voice is resounded through all around, what echo flooded a city is blatant, build contemplative atmosphere.

However, probably the tourist is too much, probably weather is too hot, or people is too forgetful to tragedy, the noisy and confused of commemorative square voice that day, it is the person that taking mobile phone, camera to smile to be patted oneself everywhere. Chase after thought of a place to solemn travel heat, much Ba

cchic, little a Zhuang Su. On the visiting norm that notices without the person memorial hall entrance is in it seems that, writing ask first so: Remember please, 9 11 memorial hall is to be in the look with reverence that lay a person to seek the quiet room that think of, ask tourists to always notice appropriate formal reach individual action.

Do not know when, on cistern edge many ensign of one side United States, a man is pointing to the name on cistern edge to say to the child beside, these people are a hero.

Look in Nick, robert of younger sister's husband is a hero really. Ferial the Robert in is a warmhearted, always help this move a thing, the side promotes a heavy thing that, in community hardly the person does not like him.

He belongs the sort of person that has heroic complex as a child, aspire is become firemen, bischoff also pulls the good friend that still is brought up his together as a child to do firemen together. The foundation that passes half an year trains the exercitation with half an year, robert of 26 years old became firemen, hold a post bureau of new York fire control, be being done is 20 years. Firemen is done in the United States complete professionalism, specialization, they must attend hillock every year to groom, learn knowledge of newest fire control and fire control appliance.

After diagnose sufferred from leukaemia 2004, robert is emeritus in the home at the same time cure recuperates at the same time. Nick remembers, although suffer from,go up leukaemia, he also does not regard himself as victim, even if when leaving, he never also says one regrets, he does not regret to do firemen, do not regret to participate in 9 11 to come to help, very proud still, although retire due to illness.

Firemen died at leukaemia last year, filling indemnity was not taken up to now

The person that die is far go, living person still is struggling. Regard new York fire control as the firemen of the bureau, robert should be OK take brushstroke government to compensate gold. But Andrea discloses, the wife of her aunt, Robert still did not take filling indemnity up to now, because of force of double weigh of spirit and economy, the time passes a bit sadly. They two people very conjugal love, but without the child, the uncle walked, remain an aunt a person, her mood is not stable, return consciousness sometimes not clear, before the day is inferior to greatly.

Experienced 9 11, spirit gets achieved person many. A blame seeks profits the organization is special provide a help to achieved resident gets in the spirit in 9 11 or economy, staff member Jei Fang tells me, the person that seeks a help through her reachs 5000 much people. Person body gets hurt, spirit also has scar, bring about live pressure is great, spirit is beyond the mark and nervous. Because somebody coughs constantly, headache, cannot complete the work, still was fried squid.

Some harm are permanent cannot of changeover. No matter be body scar or mental scar, reflect finally go up in pecuniary loss, some people look seem question of it doesn't matter, but in fact work efficiency is low, the life is depressed and unstable, time or Xu Chong became weak painful, but stroke cannot make the same score cut.

Li Hua remembers, before 9 11 happening, chinese friend is met accompany goes rambling world trade center, get together to talk about ideal together, talk about the life, total meeting cannot help seeing the way of world trade, double tower is reflexing light, very grand, it is completely in people look envy and expect. After 9 11, people is not willing to die again near trade, the Chinese cannot bear the heart sees the current situation, moved Chinese quarter directly.

Innocent man-made disaster is burying sheet. The environment pollutes the harm accumulate over a long period to the body, do not have soundlessly breath. Most moment, the patient cannot prove change of his spirit, body and 9 11 are relevant, also cannot provide even the doctor even can prove disease suffers from with the evidence with direct and relevant 9 11, accordingly, average resident takes filling indemnity of the government hard commonly. Even if such Robert firemen or governmental clerk, qualified take a government special filling indemnity, but because applicant number is too much, the program is trival, latency time is too long, the number that takes filling indemnity actually is very few, because this equipment gets dispute.

Those who make a reporter open-eyed is, original qualified application compensates Nick gold, he allowed the opportunity actively to come out, god bestows my present life, already very contented. Anyway emphysema also cannot effect a radical cure, I am old, leave the person that has need more the opportunity.

Meet in coffee hall and Andrea, chatting to talking about her to see an information that she just received to the reporter. Sender is the wife of her aunt, Robert, there is a character in information, have a piece of picture only, robert Lever name is on the picture. Original, on September 8, eve of anniversary of 9 11 14, fire control bureau held new York to grieve over activity, because 9 11 ground comes to help,worked September 2014 to September 2015 the name engrave of 21 firemen that relevant cancer dies on memorial hall wall.

Hope aunt can be maintained. Andrea canthus is containing a tear, say gently, but she does not know what to should answer to the aunt, the painful meeting that brings because of 9 11 exists all the time.

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