NASA refutes a rumor: "Hematic month " won't cause minor planet to bump the earth

Minor planet raids earthly hearsay to be able to appear from time to time, according to Hong Kong " Oriental daily " will report on September 9, comfortable meet will receive hematic month on September 28, somebody will be both buy a concern, force shows calamity star meets fierce month, minor planet can raid the earth that day. American aerospace total arrange is right this (NASA) appears personally clear: Say this kind of view does not have scientific basis completely, bump into earthly menace without minor planet in the future in what see.


ng to the report, one claims prophetic priest says, a diameter 2.5 miles asteroid will in September 15 bump to the earth to 28 days, fall in Puerto Rico, will cause earth shake and seismic sea wave. Still missionary of two United States claims the month of the 4th blood since April 2014 (Blood Moon) is periodic, the last will appear on September 28, also be indicative Christ arrives the 2nd times, the world will greet violent temblor, insecurity of middle east condition causes a World War III.

Prophecy of this kind of d

oomsday is to be without a basis of course, but hematic month cycle is absolutely true natural phenomenon however. Hematic month is total lunar eclipse actually, because the moon enters point-blank without sun's rays umbra, aerosphere absorbed violet La Lu of yellow solely, remain glow to be able to penetrate, reflection arrives on the moon, with respect to the moon that can form wine, call hematic month again so.

NASA expresses, the astronomy scientist between international is monitoring outer space continuously, also can calculate the orbit of different planet, whether to constitute menace in order to judge to the earth, and all and foregone the asteroid that has potential menace to the earth, the opportunity that bumps hundreds of years with earthly happening in future is very low. If has an object that comes from aerospace really, will browbeat in September to enough greatly the earth, should look to come out now.

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