Russian island contends for day to hit the mouth to battle again Russia is strong reject Japanese protest

Login register island of Russia of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to contend for hit the mouth to battle again is Russia strong reject Japan to protest origin: ? Salary  ?2015-09-08 11:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, the closest period of time, russia and Japan are in on problem of islands of two countries controversy on bar.

Suokeluofu of Russia carriage minister will inspect archipelago of the 1000 islands austral islands of Russian day controversy on September 7 (day calls north 4 islands) Kunashiri, that day, province of Japanese foreign affairs is stationed in Japanese embassy to put forward to protest to Russia, but by E Fangjiang hard reject.

Russia is stationed in Japanese embassy to be aimed at day of square protest to make a statement say: We rejected Japanese this one protest, because Russia ministers can need the swing on home territory according to official business, do not need any licenses of abroad.

Bureau of news of Russia Department of Transportation made a statement that day say, carriage minister Suokeluofu is in during inspecting Sa Halin city, build island of the Etorofu in archipelago of the 1000 islands austral understanding and Kunashiri transportation infrastructure the case.

Statement says, russia came 2016 socioeconomy development program will get degree of federal of 1000 islands archipelago 2025 carry out.

This month 3 days, moerguluofu of undersecretary of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, south issue of 1000 islands archipelago is early already solved before 70 years, r


ssia won't speak with Japan again on this problem.

Province of Japanese foreign affairs expresses subsequently, day just cannot accept Moerguluofu's opinion on public affairs, day just has with respect to this be contrary to factual blame is constructive make known his position to express to protest, day Russia should develop constructive dialogue, heighten two countries concern.

Be aimed at day of square protest, russia is stationed in Japanese embassy to express, russia just is opposite day of honest reaction feel bemused, of Moerguluofu make known his position to be Russia government position, day just just stands to Russia field should be very clear.

1000 islands archipelago is located in examine of can of Russian far east to add peninsula and Japanese Hokkaido between. Archipelago south Habomai, lubricious red, country hind and Etorofu 4 islands are called by Russia south 1000 islands archipelago, japan says for north 4 islands.

Since the Second World War ends, 4 islands just are controlled actually by Russia. Russia thinks Japan asks its remand asking namely result of redefine World War II.

This year on August 22, jeff of Wei of heart of Russia premier plum is ascended south the Etorofu island in 1000 islands archipelago inspects, cause day of square dissatisfaction and protest.

This is Jeff of plum heart Wei is ascended the 3rd times with national leader standing south 1000 islands archipelago.

He ever parted to be ascended twice with president and premier identity 2012 at was being mixed 2010 south 1000 islands archipelago.

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