Minister of Korea all battle says landmine is provoked is unidentified reason event

Han intermediary says, the labor party of Korea holds Jin Yangjian of minister of united front ministry concurrently to Han Shuji dialog of Han Chaogao class will express ~ on August 22 will be a foundation with negotiating spirit this, continue to improve Han Chao hard actively to concern. The golden secretary that with the army Huang Bingrui of total politics director is board door inn to arrange party together will be in on August 27 the report of one asking and the other answering of Korea CCTV expresses to should avoid Han Yin allowing day in the program unidentified reason event the relation is immersed in shake, produce extreme event even.

According to Han Lian the company will report on August 28, jin Yangjian will happen in demilitarized area on August 4 (the wooden box landmine of DMZ) provokes the incident that saying is unidentified reason, to this, partial viewpoint thinks this is to denying the Han Chaogao step that represents a regret with respect to incident to speak joint report language.

The report says, but golden secretary shows with respect to advanced dialog very glad to can be in dangerous extremely turn sex phase is opened below the circumstance, let condition take a turn to be

out of danger, if speak this to stop to leave the urgent anger that solves instantly only, that does not have much great s

ense. Should pass talk things over, eliminate distrust, be on the way that the relation improves, emphasized the communication henceforth and dialog.

The situation that oath of Huang Bing of director of total the Political Bureau also indicates to one-sided judges one-sided happening when will appear on Korea CCTV on August 25 spurs each other with the action of one-sided, this can cause needless martial conflict only.

The report says, korea government official explains with respect to the speech of secretary of gold of oath of Huang Bing of director of total the Political Bureau saying this is Korea internally view, but also advocate the negotiation of Korea to party emphasizes us one after another and did not apologize at the same time such information, this itself is the evidence that admit and apologizes.

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