Venezuela is private sanatorium happening conflagration causes death of 8 old people

Will report on August 24 according to Afp, the sanatorium of person of one family property that Venezuela capital adds Lajiasi produces conflagration 23 days local time, cause death of 8 old people.

Occupy, after fire happening, the dweller around runs to this move that be risked by conflagration embezzle directly the sanatorium of smother helps a person, subsequently firemen people rescued many 30 old person from sanatorium.

Jialajiasi's mayor Muchaqiao (Ramon Muchacho) expresses, unfortunate is, 3 old people are burned dead, additionally 5 because of strangle. Because inspiratory soot is accepting treatment,still have 10 old people at presen

t, but the case is not severe.

He still expresses, this conflagration may be brought about as a result of circuit o

ccurrence leakage of electricity. Current, police and firemen are investigating detailed accident account. He still criticises this sanatorium lacks manpower, equipment of a few put out a fire is not effective also.

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