Finger of constituency of Burmese general election applies coating or show state of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces

Local time 8 days of early morning 6 when (Beijing time 7 when 30 minutes) , polling booth of Burmese whole nation is opened at the same time, greet general election. This election, because democracy of whole nation of the greatest opposition is allied (civilian alliance) participate in and appear conspicuous all the more.

[the number says]

Burmese this second general election is mutual include candidate of 91 political parties and independent candidate inside in all 6038 people enter into an election contest the 1100 many seat in a legislature of various parliament. Ministerial federal consolidates with development party (consolidate sends a party) with democratic alliance of whole nation of the greatest opposition (civilian alliance) choose many 1000 candidate attends enter into an election contest.

Voting 8 days morning 6 when begin, afternoon 4 when end, the whole nation opens polling booth about 40 thousand. Add up to 11 thousand this locality and foreign observer election of view and emulate each link.

Burmese have 52 million population, the legal electorate of this election about 33.5 million person. Various election outcome may be announced in succession in the morning at 9 days.

Press a plan, according to this election outcome, burmese will comprise new confederative parliament at the beginning of next year, by election president and vice president form new government. Presidential election won't antedate next year Feburary.

To ensure the success of this general election, burmese trained 50 thousand polices ahead of schedule, distributing at the whole nation each polling booth. In the meantime, countrywide part dining-room, market shut the election that day, in order to ensure voting order and voter initiative.

[the spot says]

Local time 9 when 30 minutes, the one place polling booth near abode of the lakefront that admire light is located in to poll toward its before civilian league chairman holds Shan Suji high. Leave after she is voting, did not accept the query of any reporters.

Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Yang Guang to divide company reporter Zhuang Beining to say, after holding Shan Suji high to arrive at polling booth, because spot constituency and reporter are overmuch, safety safeguards personnel to shut polling booth temporarily for a time.

Season of the element that hold hill high enters into an election contest in this election assemblyman of courtyard of confederative parliament people. According to active constitution, the Sujike that hold hill high participates assemblyman, also can enter into an election contest president post, but run for the presidency without the qualification, because her son and late husband are British citizenship.

Zhuang Beining is described, from that day before dawn rises, a few constituency begin to queue up to wait outside polling booth.

Additional, poll to avoid to repeat, the little finger of all voting already constituency cudbear be gettinged on by daub, need come out of a few ability of Queen of heaven.

[situation says]

This general election, in a few analysises the personage looks, already can ace is opposite definitely occasion, appear possibly also the posture of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces.

Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Yang Guang to part a company chief correspondent Zhang Yunfei introduces, consolidate sends the party badge of the party to basically indicate is Burmese lion, and the badge of party flag party of civilian alliance basically indicates is a peacock. Accordingly, a few more Burmese news analyst is analogy of this general election between the lion and peacock right definitely. In the past of a many month enter into an election contest in playing a bank note, people did not see consolidate sends a party to have too big make situation activity, it is the lion still not growl. Contrary, civilian alliance is in much ground to collect person energy of life by right of season of the element that hold hill high, electioneering impetus huge, peacock of it may be said already spread its tail.

Nevertheless, zhang Yunfei thinks, call this second general election two parties to be opposite definitely not complete and accurate. Ethical political party has definite advantage in this ethical region, accordingly also somebody the described as that choose situation 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. Have observation home judgement, the political domain with Burmese future can differentiate roughly for 4 big edition piece: Consolidate is hair party, civilian alliance, le

gionary (active constitution gifts 25 % are had to be not election seat in a legislature in various parliament) with ethical political party (local politics force) . To consolidate hair party is mixed for civilian alliance, want to win a victory, want force to go all out not only strive for win more election seat, and the support that also must strive for army and ethical political party.

[political parties and groups says]

To sex of general election justice, party of hair of main rival consolidate has with civilian alliance expect.

Presidential Wu Dengcheng says: I hear of, some people are fearing whether the result of this election can win respect. I think those who say is, our government and legionary meeting (resemble last the election is same) the election outcome that respects justice and freedom again.

The reservation when Wu Dengcheng is interviewing people of the province end Yiluowa before this conveyed hope constituency to support consolidate to send the desire of the party again. He says, the government laid good foundation for Burmese development, hope people cooperation maintains present development momentum. This general election is the important vote of Burmese transition period. Only the election is held successfully, burmese just can continue political course, implementation transfers smoothly. His acceptance will accept the government that forms through constitution of basis of this general election. Be after holding general election, the country is mixed social stability, he will speak with political cacique, answer concerned question.

Civilian league chairman holds hill element high season criterion confidence is full: I assure, we can win the general election November 8. So, we won't we can win reoccupy such view, I can tell you now, we had won.

[common people says]

Weng Ma of 38 years old is lukewarm 8 days say when media reporter accepts to interview outside polling booth: Lodged for the night last night I am so excited that I did not sleep, our family is very excited. This is I poll for the first time, I made best plan. She says, she at the door the party department that 8 days of evening can support to her, await an outcome.

64 years old after holding Wen Zaiyang high to be in polling booth to poll solely, say: Had attended a few times to poll in my lifetime, nevertheless this is exclusive what bring a change possibly is voting.

Overall and character, this general election is very important, because this general election has sense of pressing with a finger: Burmese transition the process will stride one stride ahead, still continue to keep government of standard civil service a few years, black of advisory Tan Min says Burmese history schola

r, government.

Attend voting Miao Suwei to say for the first time: If the political parties and groups of our choice and the leader that we choose become the leader of this country really, so this country can become better.

[the expert says]

With respect to this general election, peak of dawn of king of Burmese problem expert thinks, the biggest hotspot sends party and the contend between civilian alliance in Yu Gong. relatively at civilian alliance the early days of dynamic enters into an election contest go to situation, consolidate sends a party to compare calm relatively, but final result, still need to read constituency opinion. Although current and bad judgement who is to win the home finally, but affirmative is, bilateral wh whoever is elected, need to understand the people to appeal to above all beg, implementation nation reconciles, stability of national peace, politics and economic progress.

Wang Xiaofeng is judged, if civilian alliance wins victory in this general election, show a government to be in a few policy that go a few years, especially democratization process, also can get continueing.

Refer is Burmese prospective foreign policy, wang Xiaofeng says, if civilian alliance wins victory in the election, may adjust somewhat on foreign policy, can get further improvement with the relation of western country especially. But wh whichever party appears on the stage, the relation in remote can continue develop forth. This year in June, hold Shan Suji high to lead civilian alliance delegacy to visit China, got be used to of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state is interviewed smoothly nearly. Hold Shan Suji high to express at that time, the two countries in remote is neighbour, and neighbour cannot choose, devote oneself to two countries affiliation development is crucial. Civilian alliance takes remote seriously in friendly, admire a Chinese Communist to lead the tremendous progress success that China gains, the hope deepens two parties relation, drive the affiliation between two countries people to develop ahead.

In the countrywide general election that held in May 1990, hold Shan Suji high to lead civilian alliance to win victory, but military goverment subsequently with must making statute first for, reject to reach advantageous position to civilian alliance. Whether to meet to this general election in the light of media of a few wests a few doubt of follow the same old disastrous road, wang Xiaofeng thinks: Will look with respect to my individual, burmese these year democratization progress is rapidder, the people's consciousness also is rising, appear unlikelily the case 1990.

As to the relation of Burmese new government and army, analyst of Burmese problem independence Lichadehuoxi thinks, after this election, no matter who appears on the stage, the army won't feel nervous. Look in him, no matter who is in office, metropolis and army do well relation, this kind of relation is not must very iron, but won't do deadlocked at least, how should because was lacked in Burmese very difficult imagination,the support of the army be in office. (boat of Ling Shuo poplar) (stalk of grain especially border client carries Xin Huaguo)

(original title: Finger of constituency of Burmese general election applies coating or show state of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces)

Outspread read: Burmese general election suffers attention expert to say to hold Shan Suji high to lack rural work experience proponent of voting end opposition already began Burmese general election celebrate season of the element that hold hill high to participate in Burmese general election: My general is over the president (graph) voting result announces Burmese general election in succession today currently hold the post ofpresidential commitment to will accept a result voting activity ends Burmese general election voting rate is amounted to 80%

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