Japan because Nanjing massacre Shen Wei 1 day 2 " minatory " Educational

" Nanjing massacre archives " include the world belong to the same organization of memorial bequest directory, room of Japanese ministerial official is magisterial Jian Yiwei makes known his position 13 days for two times, it is high-key first the information that confirms media considers to stop to offer funds for U.N. Educational about Japan, ask this organization undertakes relevant selection system is reformed strongly again next. Day intermediary says Japanese unsatisfactory is all-time and rising. Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 13 days, japan undertakes barefaced menace to Educational astonishing, cannot accept completely. Japan can browbeat cut down relevant funds, but do not drop historical stain, and can wipe blacker more only.

According to Japan " read sell news " report, jian Yiwei expresses on the press conference 13 days morning, japanese government already began to study antagonism measure, include to consider to stop or reduce the funds support to Educational. His criticism says, sino-Japanese two countries is put in difference around relevant fact, educational honest opinion make

s a decision in the basis improper. His doubt says: (Examine) it is camera bellows operation completely. Day just cannot see even submitted what data. Medium the Shenwei data that just submits, he calls his the test and verify that authenticity did not accept an expert.

Joint company says, jian Yiwei expresses on the press conference 13 days afternoon, japan strengthens strong demand Educational just sex and diaphaneity, make its are not used by politics. Change (choose) the institution is very principal, emphasize regarding as again should promote a state originally between friendly the Educational with mutual understanding, undertake selection according to the view of one-sided of a country only however. Other Japan official also checks the part this expresses similar view. " produce classics news " 13 days say even, japan exits Educational also is feasible. Nevertheless, below hill of director of secretary of Japanese Communist Party fragrant the practice demur that gives birth to pair of governments. He expresses, relevant view of Japan did not get admissive is about to cut down the funds of Educational, this action won't get the self-identity of international society possibly.

Day intermediary exposure says, since last year June, day in just asking for many times, square cancel is declared, jian Yiwei says, include prime minister inside, raised bargaining requirement 8 times. Joint company thinks, this matter may be caused Sino-Japanese between new attrition, and oppose international orgnaization be involved in comes in this, billows may be lifted in international society.

Hua Chunying concerns Japan 13 days in the answer on routine press conference so called the Fang Shen in answering measure and day intermediary to say signed up for a part express when the problem of false data, nanjing massacre is the serious crime that Japanese militarism commits during the Second World War, it is the historical fact with international accepted society. The evaluation standard that declares material to accord with the world completely to re

member directory just is concerned in, declare a program to accord with the concerned regulation of Educational completely, educational international advisory committee is strict according to concerned program, concern a decision through discuss cautiously and considering to make. Square behavior can expose day adequately again only give Japan to still hold to wrong history to watch in bigotry in the heretofore on historical problem. Square gravity urges day of Fang Li to stop namely in unjustifiable pester and browbeat to the interference of Educational activity, cogent face up to and meditate deeply aggressive history, correct an error.

(Original title: Japanese unsatisfactory is all-time and rising semidiurnal barefaced and minatory Educational)

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