Findings report of retrograde motion of the person that reason of Mecca trample accident fastens partial go on a pilgrimage will be announced

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The sound that occupies China " news freely " report, 24, the activity of Mecca go on a pilgrimage that the about 2 million Moslem that comes from global each district participates in enters the 3rd day. That day morning 9 when, the spot of activity of one place go on a pilgrimage around Mecca produces serious trample accident. Prevent the newest data that the branch releases to show according to Sha Temin, current, the person that already caused 717 go on a pilgrimage dies, 800 much people are injured.

The person that accident of trample of activity of Mecca go on a pilgrimage already sent 717 go on a pilgrimage dies

The person that accident of trample of activity of Mecca go on a pilgrimage already sent 717 go on a pilgrimage dies

All computation that according to Shatetong dispatch company will announce September 24 is occupied, the person that share more than 1.95 million go on a pilgrimage this year entered an activity, include to make an appointment with 1.4 million foreigners among them. And the Chinese citizen altogether that joins go on a pilgrimage has 14500 much people. After the accident, total group of Chinese go on a pilgrimage is urgent check have it is without Chinese citizen in the accident casualties. Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Wang Bo of sand spy reporter to bring the newest progress of incident.

After accident happening, the Sha Temin that has been in on call condition is prevented and emergency treatment part dispatchs 4000 much people, 200 larger ambulances, 14 helicopter are participated in come to help. Current, it is first send the person that hurt toward each hospital, now is to clear the spot, basically carry the dead's body to each hospitals. The information that ju

st gets, clear when the spot, the person that discover 7 go on a pilgrimage is returned or, sent a hospital them.

After accident happening, group of Chinese go on a pilgrimage awaits the announcement of sand spy respect on one hand, once the dead's identity is affirmatory, notify each states with respect to conference telephone call. At present till, china has not gotten the phone of sand spy respect informs. Meanwhile, group of Chinese go on a pilgrimage also is undertaking actively checking. After accident happening, total group of Chinese go on a pilgrimage took jury step, it is to ask each go on a pilgrimage divide a group to clutch verify the condition that reports personnel of this round go on a pilgrimage, time-out heads for field ejaculation stone to undertake ejaculation stone. After fastigium, unitary organization shoots stone. Ask escape of each group of go on a pilgrimage have the high temperature weather that blocks a section of a highway and midday up, the organization develops religious activity. 2 it is to ask to divide round leader to take seriously highly individually, ensure information is expedite and accurate; Strengthen what counterpoise chooses the place to be on duty the job, do not allow hillock.

Be stationed in Li Chengwen of sand spy ambassador, be stationed in Anwaer of Ji Da's consul general to already was driven toward trouble spot to understand a situation now, the spot has cleared about the same, want to go to the hospital of the person that receive now, on-the-spot nucleus examines the case that has Chinese citizen casualties.

The Home Office spokesman with special sand just holds a press conference, explained the reason of accident happening. He says, staff of the field that play dirty trick is particularly much, have one part person, basically be the person that come from African go on a pilgrimage, did not walk according to action directive, however go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, the crowd that brings about two direction produces collision, elbow, make a few people are walked, bring about the happening of trample accident. Current, already established board of inquiry especially dene, specific findings report still can be announced.

Early before, height of sand spy government takes seriously this year the safe situation of go on a pilgrimage, deploy staff of 100 thousand secure unit and many 3000 fireman. But why trample accident still happened, what is the reason of backside after all?

It is annual really especially dene same, take safety of go on a pilgrimage seriously very much. But the reporter two years ago has entered activity of go on a pilgrimage, also be breakneck. One pile person is crowded will be squeezed, very incidental trample. If a person topples, the person all round can topple. Still produced trample accident this year, matter with dredge, organization, 2 million people are nodded toward same ground together for a short while, did not do personnel billabong and dredge, set baluster for example, undertake billabong dredge is done not have, produce such accident to matter with constituent job.

On the history, go on a pilgrimage of sand spy Mecca often produces similar trample incident, in nearly 10 years, sand spy undertakes ameliorative to establishment of go on a pilgrimage, environment ceaselessly, the accident is opposite for a few less, scale is not large also. Nevertheless, the casualty number misfortune of the accident became 10 years to come most yesterday, solid belong to infrequent.

The person that accident of trample of activity of Mecca go on a pilgrimage already sent 717 go on a pilgrimage dies

Come 25 years, saudi Arabia Mecca produces the trample event with heavy casualties several times in process of activity of go on a pilgrimage.

July 2, 1990, large quantities of go on a pilgrimage person one is passed in Mecca 500 meters long, wide the 20 channel of rice, toward Arafat hill attends ceremony of go on a pilgrimage before, produce the murder case that stuns the world. Crowded trample event produces inside channel hole, cause 1426 people because of choke or be being died by trample, among them majority is Asian. This also is current till, the casualty in activity of Mecca go on a pilgrimage is most disastrous.

May 24, 1994, the person that there are 270 go on a pilgrimages in the lapidation exorcise activity that rice accept gorge holds is stepped on dead.

April 9, 1998, moslem go on a pilgrimage person the rice accept area around Mecca, when crossing bridge opening to undertake symbolistic stone attacks diabolical activity, as a result of crowded stream of people mutual trample, the person that cause at least 118 go on a pilgrimage is stepped on dead, 180 people are injured.

March 5, 2001, go on a pilgrimage person still attack devil to go up in stone, produced crowded trample event again, bring about 35 people to be stepped on dead, much person is injured.

In January 2006, mecca city produces trample accident again, cause death of about 350 people.

Wheat increases mosque happening casualty accidents recently is this year September 11, because crane as string of 1 the arm falls, cause death of at least 100 much people, about 300 people are injured.

As we have learned, mecca is Mohammedan the first bethel, be located in the Saudi Arabia western Sailate is a mountainous area in a narrow valley, the area is less than 26 square kilometer, population is made an appointment with 400 thousand. Mecca city famed, because Mohammedan author Mohammed is born,be with this. Mohammed founds here and transmission is Mohammedan, because object and persecute by, be forced change is gone to Medina, a Mecca of week direction front decides in Medina, from now on, moslem of world each district faces towards Mecca church.

The Mecca big mosque of the accident is temple of Mohammedan the biggest emperor, only then build at the Christian era 630 years, the place with yearning Moslem of world each country and go the bethel of chapel of Mecca go on a pilgrimage, blame Moslem must not be entered inside, accordingly the name bans a temple. The extend of on the course hundred years and reparative, especially the extend of sand spy times, before the coronal of the world mosque that a small fane that can hold hundred thousands of person only enlarges to be able to hold week of 3 million person, fane interior area amounts to 356 thousand square metre. Began 2011, throw wheat of extend of 21.3 billion dollar to increase mosque especially dene, happen accidentally to be on guard and undertake limitative to joining the Islamite number of pilgrim.

Go on a pilgrimage is Mohammedan one of basic systems that must abide what set for believer place, press Mohammedan regulation, each religion that economy and the grown Moslem that have physical power have pilgrimage Mecca are compulsory. All Moslem, no matter be male,be female, can do his best strive for lifetime to want to head for Mecca go on a pilgrimage at least. Accordingly, be in every year the 12nd month of the the Moslem Calendar, can have come from world each district, number with 1 million plan devout Muslim, pains wades, dry in far away will to wheat increase mosque, join annual go on a pilgrimage. The trample that causes as a result of go on a pilgrimage accordingly and fire accident happen from time to tome.

(Original title: Mecca trample accident because partial go on a pilgrimage person retrograde motion still does not have message of Chinese citizen casualties)

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