In peaceful of brief introduction of data of peaceful railroad setting just responds to hearsay: Hopeful the mount a horse inside year

The near future, the two countries in concerned peaceful adds up to those who build railroad all sorts of messages fly all over the sky. The message related to collaboration of the railroad in peaceful gives a person the overall impression that a kind of a got-up affair relapses, as if put in some kind of obstruction. Especially, the 12nd China is attended toward Guangxi Nanning before planning originally east the Thailand premier of alliance exposition cling to Yo cancels the journey in a week before the meeting, danasa of assign Vice Prime Minister enters relevant activity for you, give many media the space with daydream again. With " Bangkok Post " the Thailand media near future that is a delegate even print article, think cling to Yo cancels to go to China because journey fact cannot cash cooperate related railroad and sedulous and evasive.

Nevertheless, to these hearsay, attend east Danasa of the Thailand premier ambassador-at-large of relevant activity, Vice Prime Minister is in alliance exposition of reporter of Xinhua News Agency of a separate return written the front is made respond to in interviewing, make all sorts of hearsay collapse of itself.

Hopeful the mount a horse inside year

The collaboration in peaceful builds Thailand railroad infrastructure, it is one is opposite not only bilateral, and crucial to the area issue, danasa says, the project that the both sides in peaceful is cooperating in negotiation, it is overall length of line of a railroad the project future of 840 kilometers, this railroad will become the important channel that come-and-go of the personnel between two countries, goods and materials carries. Current, in peaceful double Founder clasp, ensure railroad project is fulfilled as soon as possible, project hopeful is in this year the mount a horse inside year.

According to designs a program before, the railroad of glyph of humanness of this railroad line that peaceful collaboration builds in line, the corridor the Thailand since north drives reopen after a cessation of business of corridor of government office metropolis, south one direction, via Wu Long government office, aperture respects the government office, seat of government that breathe out Le, in mid salad fierce county of laurel of government office bank divides two into southeast and southwest, southeast direction till important thing sheds collect brave government office haven Ma tower predicts a county, southwest direction eventually capital Bangkok.

Corridor opens Bo Xianquan of tower of bank laurel Ma to grow 700 much kilometers, line of bank laurel Bangkok 130 much kilometers.

Two lines all use track of 1435 millimeter standard, design speed per hour is unspecified.

Thailand land cent is mid, south, north, 4 big board piece, according to of original railway system 4 big board piece layout and design, among them the iron line that upper Qing Dynasty steps Bangkok is core circuitry.

What deserve attention most is, the end position of railroad line north that plans construction this leaves at the corridor, is not Qing Dynasty is stridden. Corridor leaves be located in to Mekong, it is Thailand the town of military importance northeast, with Laos capital every phenomenon the photograph that lie between a river looks, car of the drive between two city only 20 kilometers distance.

And be in current east on alliance exposition opening ceremony, tile of Song Sha of Laos Vice Prime Minister also gives out to make known his position clearly, old railway also will be in in the start working before the end of the year is built this year. This is meant, two railroad line will leave in corridor confluent, uniCom becomes the central line of extensive ferrous road.

Personage of know the inside story of Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells a reporter, the both sides in peaceful will cooperate with respect to railroad in Bangkok this year in October matters concerned has important negotiation, in order to decide specific plan details.

Contend for filar road dak again

In the query of reporter of answer Xinhua News Agency, the one tape that Danasa uses appreciation and China of rich constructive evaluation to advocate above all all the way strategic conception. He says, marine economy is crucial in national development, and almost all east allied country home is marine country, so, peaceful just thinks, one belt all the way the strategy is to promote east the main platform of alliance and UniCom of Chinese sea land, accord with east the collective principle of alliance and mutual benefit of Chinese mutually beneficial.

Danasa says, taking all the way

below frame, alliance and China can be in east collaboration of laid haven network, marine commerce, ensure voyage safety, blow is maritime cross condition crime, provide disaster relief decrease the domain such as calamity, environmental protection to spread out thorough collaboration. Not only such, one belt all the way the strategy can be strengthened not only east the collaboration of alliance and China, and can make east alliance and one belt all the way the economy in the strategy is taken along the line and maritime the other area economy on along the line of new silk road forms commerce UniCom to so peaceful just admires and support this one grand strategy.

Be in current China east on alliance exposition, danasa also is mentioned for many times, although have 40 years only,establish diplomatic relations in peaceful, but history of the come-and-go in the peaceful that can take an examination of already had chiliad. On the history, thailand is ancient time the important post of maritime the Silk Road, today, taking all the way below frame, in be located in south the Thailand of peninsula center position also should become important fulcrum, make connection China and east the optimal portal of alliance, become the significant key position that interconnection each other opens.

Look into cooperative foreground

In the rewrite that gives Xinhua News Agency the reporter, danasa comments current situation of the collaboration in peaceful with quite long space, look into the prospective trend of bilateral collaboration and foreground.

The both sides in peaceful establishs relationship of overall strategy partner from 2012. China is the friend that Thailand trusts not only, it is one of economic associate with the most important Thailand more. China is the commerce associate with the oldest Thailand at present, bilateral 2014 trading business volume reachs 63.6 billion dollar. Data shows first half of the year this year, china is the investment country with the biggest Thailand not only, also be the tourist origin country with the biggest Thailand. Annual goes to the Chinese tourist that peaceful travels to predict to achieve 7 million person-time this year, occupy enter a country 1/4 of Thailand tourist gross.

Meanwhile, china also is the export market with the biggest Thailand, portion of product of its middle peasant is top. Danasa says: Hear Chinese consumer is right Thailand rice and fruit very welcome, our both sides is cooperating further at this point, so that let more China,consumer can enjoy more more fresh, high quality Thailand product with more reasonable price.

I am Chinese vermicelli made from bean starch

Danasa although one's previous experience thes ranks, but provide sense of humor extremely. In the past, the complimentary statement that his Ceng Yin publishs the abroad in be opposite one time to hand in ministerial Wang Yi and suffer media to pay close attention to fully. The China that holds this in Guangxi east during alliance exposition, be in even written i

n interviewing, he also is witticism in rapid succession.

I am Chinese vermicelli made from bean starch, vermicelli made from bean starch of a few years, danasa is in many circumstances say, my many a time comes to China. China is in my heart, have a special place. After I took up the post of a Vice Prime Minister to hold minister of foreign affairs concurrently last year, china also is the country that I visit the first times.

What be if call me the answer,make China such make me impressive, this is to beat really I, of the culture of beautiful scenery, multivariate cate, chiliad, science and technology advanced etc, have a lot of really, danasa is in written in interviewing, write, I think, to a lot of Thai character, we feel oneself and China have a reason, be like brother, be like a sister. Be in China, I feel the sense of a kind of home.

Danasa says, 40 years of in the past, the abidance that had witnessed the two countries in peaceful to wait for a domain in construction of commerce, investment, travel, infrastructure cooperates, and this kind of collaboration and development, was to witness our both sides to be in more politics, society, culture, especially one kind between the people agrees.

(Original title: Peaceful square: In peaceful of the mount a horse inside year contends for peaceful railroad hopeful again filar road dak)

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