The woman shops side of the portfolio on shoulder of experience stray bullet blocks bullet to save its life

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According to central company report, when a high shopping center that the woman was in Riode Janeiro a few days ago shops, Brazil affects by stray bullet, fortunately her portfolio blocks bullet for her, saved her one life.

When a woman shopped a few days ago, Brazil affects by stray bullet

By the bullet that portfolio holds off

The report says, 1 day of evening are in Moruite face of individual face page writes: I and a friend from Lei Bulong shopping centers) go, hear beside give out noise, in the portfolio that seems to the thing falls into me.

That falls into the thing of portfolio, it is a bullet actually, and still dug 4 holes on her leather shoulder b


Moruite still says: I still did not know to produce what job, but if bullet hits me, I can be hurt very again for certain. She is mixed in portfolio of the paste on facial book the photograph of bullet.

She reminds a friend to be careful: Discrepancy this area eye should put window. It is an ungainly thing really.

Moruite is a stylist. Police did not receive proposal of local happening pop, think bullet should be the stray bullet that far shoots.

It is reported, deploy the stray bullet that the police of martial grade weapon and poison are peddled or gunfight produces between faction, be in arrange common issue.

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