Thailand Bangkok explodes by qualitative for horrible assault casualty list is announced (graph)

Login register Bangkok of Thailand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to explode by qualitative is for horrible assault casualty list announced (graph) origin: ? ?2015-08-18 08:5 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel [summary] because be traffic,have a period, explosion causes 19 death, 123 injuries.

Latest news: According to CCTV report, china is stationed

in Thailand embassy message to say, 17 days of evening happen in the explosive incident of Thailand Bangkok to had brought about 5 China citizen to die local time.

Message of integrated Thailand media, local time on August 17 towards evening 19 when, shopping centre of Thailand Bangkok downtown, crossroad of floodgate Le Ba Song, famous Thailand floodgate all sides produces intense explosion before Buddha, because be traffic,have a period, explosion causes 19 death, 123 injuries. Be stationed in message of Thailand diplomatic mission according to China, 3 Chinese are included in the dead. Thailand " world daily " say, about 15 Chinese get hurt in explosion, the person that before Chinese embassy has sent a person, visit toward the hospital (video of picture of Thailand explosion spot, spot and casualties message) .

According to message of small gain of medium of Thailand star Xian, thailand Bangkok will pull crossing of poor Ba Song to produce explosion on August 17, the dead list of 20 people is at present firm exposure, have 3 Chinese among them.

List shows, th

e 2 people in Chinese dead come from Hong Kong, one person comes from Jiangxi, disclose before blame come from Jiangxi of Hong Kong Shanghai respectively. Come from Jiangxi dead name to be GAN YUZHU, come from name of Hong Kong dead to be MISS PANG WANCHEE AECADIA and MISS CHAN Wingyan Vivian.

Dead list

Near explosive spot

Police blocked explosive spot

List of casualty of Thailand Bangkok explosion is announced

Bangkok city police will be received towards evening on August 17 report a case to the security authorities, crossroad of Ba Song of floodgate market Le produces intense explosion, at that time is red light, and it is traffic has a period, the explosion of arise suddenly brings about a lot of people to have not enough time to avoid.

After explosive happening, because explosion begins to burn,one is fully loaded with the car that burns gas, the person that the people is helped all round is far from explosive place. Police heads for accident place to launch rescuing operation instantly, tear open accuse unit (EOD) urgent also enter explosive spot, near Buddha of block all sides many crossing, at the same time fire department also enters the spot to launch operation of put out a fire.

Alarm Ba Lawu of total office deputy spokesman 17 say day and night, explosive dot bomb has 2-3, be hidden in periphery of all sides Buddha beforehand, already exploded, another is exploding in solution tear open in playing.

Through preliminary investigation, police guesses those who produce explosion is to be fully loaded with the car that burns gas, also be likely be detonated by bomb, explosive power is so vast, bow wave breaks the windshield blast of around car, still be at present as to explosive reason in investigation. Explode at present already by qualitative make a surprise attack for horror.

Up to 17 days of evening 21 when message, preliminary judgement is to set bomb artificially, what explode certainly is a dynamite of 3 kilograms of TNT, kill and wound radius about 40 meters, the government has announced to block ground of around 10 place is nodded, prohibit the people is entered.

Up to 17 days of evening 21 when 30 minutes, defend according to Thailand disaster the center cuts a news truly, in the 12 people that die on the spot, a 10 Thai, Chinese, 1 Philippine. Additionally many 40 car is differred the injury of degree.

Thailand government announces Bangkok city inside public school 18 days of suspend class a day.

Outspread read: Peaceful national defence is long say Bangkok explodes not to eliminate in the light of the foreigner apparently with east dash forward Bangkok of department of introduction of tourist attraction of Buddha of all sides of place of explosion of concerned Thailand Bangkok needs You Jing nods ((pursue) Thailand Bangkok explosion sends 3 China tourist to die suspect: Weigh 3 kilograms at least 100 cause inside rice read related harm: Content of lucky sea international spreads the base since company setting: Data of president Li Liang (graph) content of international of sea of 2015-08-14 Tianjin luck sheds company brief introduction its danger tastes storehouse to produce picture of data of Dong Peijun of director of former public security bureau of harbor of Tianjin of acuteness explosion 2015-08-13 its child Dong Meng is unconscious by Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of investigation 2015-08-17 news

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