Japanese government is released " install times talk " Chinese version (add full text content)

People net Tokyo on August 15 report yesterday, the form that Japan brings resolution of cabinet of times ministerial less than was passed afterwar 70 years of talks. It is the conversational Chinese version that Japanese government announces below.

An Beijin minister of 3 ministerial premiers talks

(on August 14, 2015)

Two years on August 14

Ministerial meeting decides


be worth a war to end 70 years, we think, the road that must calm ground reviewing moves toward that war, afterwar process, 20 centuries take the place of temporarily then, learn the wisdom that faces future from inside historical lesson.

More than 100 years ago, the broad colony of the each country that gives priority to with western country pervades world each district. 19 centuries, it is setting with very preponderance of the technology, colonial and regnant Yi Bo reachs an Asia. Without doubt, the crisis sense that its bring becomes Japan to achieve the power of modernize. Japan realizes constitutional politics in the Asia first, guarded national independence. Day Russia war invigorated a lot of going that dominate colony the people of the Asia under and Africa.

The course sweeps across the First World War of the whole world, the colony before the amplification of self-determining motion prevented this is changed. The person that that war caused one die in an accident, it is a miserable war. People yearns for peace, found the League of Nations, innovation goes not battle treaty, be born itself of war of be sent on a diplomatic mission violates the new international society trend that change.

At the outset, japan also united foot. But, after world economy crisis happens, euramerican each country drives region economy collectivize with economy of colony of be involved in, thereby Japanese economy gets major blow. Here, isolated feeling of Japan is deepened, try to rely on actual strength to solve diplomacy and economically dilemma. To this, domestic politics mechanism also fails to give prevent. Its result, japan lost world overall situation.

Full continent emergency and the challenger that exit Japan of the League of Nations to turn the new international that international society passes monstrous disaster and builds into order gradually, this way that take has a mistake, and the road that was on a war.

Its result, 70 years ago, japanese be defeated.

Proper and afterwar 70 years during, before the person that I am in all domestic and internationally dying to encounter, bow deeply, express deeply regret, express the desire of permanent lamentation.

Because that war lost the life of three brethrens. Many people are in in the happiness of the future that misses the motherland, invocatory family sacrifice one's life. After the war ends, also many people are in severe cold or suffer from of burning hot distant and exotic an alien land starve or die in the disease. The floor action of the atom bomb bomb that Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffer, bomb that Tokyo and each city suffer, Okinawa happening is waited a moment, these were brought about lots and lots of common people is miserable die.

Same, in the country that resorts to arms with Japan, the youth of countless lost the life that having future originally. The area that becomes battleground waits in islands of China, southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean, not only because fight, still wait for a reason as a result of dearth, a lot of innocent civilian have a rough time and die. We also cannot forget, in battlefield backside by the existence of the females of serious distain and dignity.

Our country brought inestimable harm and anguish to innocent people. The history cannot cancel really, brutal. Each person has respective life, dream, loves family. I am brooding when a such obvious facts, up to now I still cannot verbal, can't help heartbroken.

On so significant loss, just have present peace. This is the jumping-off place of afterwar Japan.

Also do not repeat disaster of war again.

Emergency, aggressive, war. We also should not browbeat with any armed strengths again or armed strength exercise serves as the method that settles international dispute. Should dominate with colony forever leave, want to realize the world that respects all self-determining rights.

Our country is being taken penitent to the profundity of that war, made pledge so. On this foundation, our country builds the nation of free democracy, take law seriously, hold to all the time not battle oath. The peaceful country way that since we are opposite 70 years, has taken feels silently proud, and also will continue henceforth implement this one firm policy.

Our country is right the regret that expresses deep introspection and from the bottom of one's heart for many times in the behavior in that war. To make clear this kind of mood with real operation, we are will Indonesian, Philippine the affliction history that waits for the Asian neighbour people such as southeast Asia country and Taiwan, Korea, China to had gone imprints in the heart, afterwar the peace that devotes oneself to these countries all the time and prosperity.

The footing of these past dynasties cabinet henceforth also will be adamantine.

Nevertheless, although we give how great effort, the distress that loses family and the memory that suffer the pain of great suffering in disaster of war also will never disappear.

Accordingly, we should imprint undermentioned fact in the heart.

Those who exceed 6 million people is afterwar the person that go back to the motherland goes back to the motherland in safety at long last from Asian Pacific each district, into attach most importance to the motive power that builds Japan. In the immediateness that China is remained the Japanese children of 3000 people is able to grow, set foot on motherland land again. The be captured people of the country such as the United States, England, Holand, Australia, ask Japan in order to call in for a long time, the battle dead of both sides of hold a memorial ceremony for.

Full the Chinese that tastes warlike anguish, and the person that once was captured and suffers the Japanese army to bring to bear on to suffer anguish hard is done so good-temperedly, the dispute of their heart after all how big, is paid effort how big?

We must hang this matter on the heart.

Afterwar, so tolerant mind makes society of Japanese return international. At afterwar 70 years during, our country expresses the acknowledgment of from the bottom of one's heart to all countries that devote oneself to to reconcile, all personage.

The generation that our country country is born after civil war now already exceeded the 80 % of total population. We a

re inalienable the descendants that the war is without a relation loads a fate that continues to apologize. Nevertheless, our Japanese should surmount for generations, the front faces the history in the past. We are responsible accede with modest manner in the past, give it future.

Our parental generation and grandparent generation are mixed in afterwar remains the hold together in impoverished abyss life. The future that they bring is to be able to make our generation successive, and give we leave generation. This is elder not only people the result of indefatigable effort, also be to once served as enemy state intense each country of fighting United States, Australia, Europe and a lot of countries surmount favour enemy to provide kindness and assisted result.

We must tell prospective generation this matter. Imprint historical lesson in the heart deeply, develop more good future, endeavor for the peace of Asia and world and prosperity. We are bearing this one weighty responsibility.

The past that we continue to open seek deadlock with actual strength imprints in the heart. because such, what our country continues to pursue is, any conflict should respect law, not be the principle that exercise actual strength tries to solve with peace and diplomatic means however. This is the principle that our country also will hold to henceforth and extends to world each country. Our country serves as the only state that has experienced atom bomb bomb, pursuit implementation nucleus does not diffuse and nuke of complete destroy by melting or burning, perform oneself duty socially in international.

The past that we continue to suffer the dignity of numerous during the war of 20 centuries female and reputation serious harm imprints in the heart. because such, our country hopes to become a country to want to always show consideration for the female's heart. Our country precedes alive bound effort becomes 21 centuries the century that does not let female human rights suffer enroach on.

We continue to close to region economy collectivize hair dispute imprinted buddingly in the heart in the past. because such, our country develops not to get the international economic system with any the freedom of arbitrary influence, just, open countries hard, strengthen the help to the developing country, drawing moves toward the world that flourishs more. Prosperity just is peaceful foundation. Answer the poverty of violent breeding ground, enjoy medical treatment and education and free-standing opportunity for whole world everybody and make greater effort.

The past that we continue to once should cross our country international order challenger imprints in the heart. because such, our country holds to freedom adamantinely, democratically, human rights these basic value, keep abreast of hand in hand with the country that shares this value, hold high active pacifistic banner, make for the peace of the world and prosperity than larger before contribution.

We have resolution, face afterwar 80 years, 90 years and centenary, with everybody of our country countryman the joint efforts is built as above Japan.

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