Convict of American California jail is rambunctious much person of one person death is injured

San Francisco of China News Service on August 12 report loc

al time 12 days afternoon, a city establishs American California north jail happening affray is rambunctious, a convict dies, much person is injured, 5 people need to send a courtyard cure.

Does California punish teach bureau daughter spokesman Dinah? Xi Masi says to local media, disturbance happening is in 12 days afternoon

12 when 55 minutes or so, the loose city of new blessing Er of guard forbidding establishs a jail inside, a convict atttacks another person in an activity field, bring about nearly 100 people to participate in, the faction inside jail mutual affray, cause disturbance.

Jail alarm use peppery sparge agent and fire a shot several times warning, just check rambunctious.

Xi Masi says, disturbance causes death of a convict, much person is injured, the 5 people that are stabbed among them need to send a courtyard cure.

Jail alarm return capture the weapon that a few convict abstain.

This seat establishs a jail to be able to hold 2300 prisoner at Fuersong's city, seat of government of distance California state adds remote to spend dene to the south of about 40 kilometers.

Loose city of new blessing Er establishs a jail to ever had had similar disturbance. 2012, about 60 convict mutual affray, 1 person by jail alarm shoot dead, 12 people are injured.

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