Japanese right wing says never aggressive China is northeast nobody sees the Japanese army slaughters

According to network of Taiwan combination news cite flower intermediary will report on August 5, after 70 years when end in World War II, japan is right of history of World War II revisionist look up, these revisionists say, japan does not have aggressive neighbour, it is delicacy of hold office at court, Taiwan and Chinese northeast investment only, japanese army impress comforts installing Fu also is the story with Korea fictional government. Youth of more and more Japan believes these statements, in ever experienced World War II and after the withered of Japanese old generation that saw with one's own eyes witnesses Japanese army crime, revisionist history view gradually predominate.

Cropland mother god handsome hero is revisionist delegate character, ever held the post of assistant to a high official of Japanese aviation militia to grow, entered into an election contest last year Tokyo knows a thing, take 600 thousand bank notes, 4 the ticket leads. His proponent most is 20 years old of youths that arrive 30 years old, he wins this age layer nea

rly 1/4 vote, they already were tired of the accused to know must apologize to China and Korea ceaselessly.

Cropland mother god says: We must be walked out of force the history on our body, must look for the true history that we feel honored. In the true history in his mouth, japan is not aggressor, however liberator, the Japanese army drives an Asia out of white man imperialist.

He believes Japan did not inbreak Korea peninsula, invest in northeast of Korea, Taiwan and China however, and without Nanjing massacre, the nobody Japanese army that witness slaughters Chinese common people. Comfort as to Japanese army impress install Fu, cropland mother god more speak plausibly says: It is fictional. The World War II of cropland mother god history view, it is the version that a lot of Japan right-wing personages believe actually. Japanese premier is installed times when Jinsan visits the United States this year, although was not denied,Korea woman acts as comfort install Fu, but emphasize doing not have evidence these women get the Japanese army is threatening, he pushs offense to population smuggling.

88 years old in former days Korea comforts be apt to of the Li Hao that install Fu says, she is born in boiler hill, 14 years old of China be goinged to by staking, of appropriative Japanese army comfort install Fu. Cropland mother god perhaps can say Li Hao be apt to is lying, but

also have Japanese come out boldly, picture of compasses of Japanese army pointing to card comforts the system that install Fu.

93 years old of Songbenyaji (Masayoshi Matsumoto, transliteration) the in Chinese northeast Japan barback when 20 years old holds the position of a health worker, he says: There are 6 to comfort in our unit install Fu, I every month checks them to be affected venereal. Of Korea comfort install Fu to basically serve officer, average soldier shouts in local village: Have good girl? Not take orders from person be robbed by them, brutal or killing. Be caught the girl in his unit, become comfort install Fu.

Afterwar come a few years, the pine never reveals the thing that he sees originally. But deny Japanese army strong capture to comfort the voice that brings Fu is elevatory, let his be filled with indignation, the decision speaks out.

He says: Too funny, install times saying so that be like him is eyewitness, he is not, I just am. How times think we should the thing that efface bad Japan has done, pretend to did not happen, accordingly I cannot excuse him.

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