Undersecretary of old horse traffic: Affirmatory plane debris belongs to Boeing 777 planes

Login register undersecretary of traffic of old horse of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does affirmatory plane debris belong to Boeing: of 777 planes origin? ?2015-07-30 1

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In report will occupy new network on July 30 British Reuter report, head of a department of Malaysia deputy transportation says at making a statement 30 days local time, after be checked through Ma Fang, can affirm almost, 29 days belong to the plane wreckage that discovers on coasting of island of flourishing leaving the Buddhist nun in law of the indian ocean, belong to a Boeing 777 model plane.

The indian ocean leaves the Buddhist nun the member of French air base of flourishing island will express on July 29, local time on July 29, plane wreckage discovers on this island coasting. At present

investigation personnel is checking this debris to whether be concerned with the MH370 airliner that was missing 2014.

The report says, head of a department of Malaysia deputy transportation says, after board of inquiry was examining plane wreckage, the horse just tells him to say, almost OK and affirmative, the aileron of front of a garment that find is to belong to Boeing 777 model of the plane.

It is reported, this debris discovers the ground nods Reunion island to be apart from Madagascar island to make an appointment with 380 sea mile. According to the newspaper, this location space sees MH370 track for the last time about 3800 miles. And search the water area apart of this plane with the concentration before this very far.

On March 8, 2014, the flight number of Malaysia airline MH370 that holds 239 people flies to Beijing by kuala lumpur be missing in road. According to data analysis, think the indian ocean of Yuna of this airliner crash, but the group that rescue is in south the indian ocean undertook large-scale international is searched, have not discover its trail up to now.

In January 2015, malaysia civil aviation bureau announces the Ma Hang MH370 that be missing crashs formally.

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