One woman of American is obsessed with bloodsucker culture to let a person suck blood from incomplete body (group plan)

Login register one woman of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be obsessed with bloodsucker culture to let a person suck blood from incomplete body (group plan) origin: ?  tries know well?2015-07-23 14:3Edition of electron of

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According to England " daily Post " will report on July 22, american Louisiana city the name is Bulateka musical instrument (the woman exposure of Blut Katzchen) weighs him to offer blood in the true bloodsucker that is American churchyard drinkable, allow a few bloodsucker to go up from her body directly even water blood.

The cut that Michael Er shows Bulate to be carried on the back (webpage check scheme)

Bloodsucker: Michael Er prepares to go up personally from Bulate suck blood

Michael Er begins to suck blood, bulate expression is painful (webpage check scheme)

Michael Er

comes out from bier (webpage check scheme)

Be Bulate of 28 years old is a florist, she claims to give bloodsucker people offer new blood drinkable, oneself are already errant the United States exceeds 10 years, have in these bloodsucker male also have female.

Bulate an admirer of the near future is 43 years old of men that the name is Michael Er, come from a Texas. He claims Bulate's blood was offerred for oneself live requires energy.

As a black swan (note: In bloodsucker culture, give oneself body the person with drinkable bloodsucker is called black swan) , bulate is obsessed with at bloodsucker culture, state oneself are in very small when be given completely to be attracted by bloodsucker culture. It is reported, bulate is with shave razor blade on him body the cut with 2.5 centimeters or so long rift, cut won't be very deep. Next she can disinfect cut area with alcohol, michael Er can use oral cavity of gargle water cleanness before drinking blood, begin the blood that from cut direct suck takes Bulate then.

Bulate claims to had donated blood near 13 years, because this is caught,never had gone up venereal or it is other blood disease. To her character, this is seeking the way that loosens this like other Everyman same.

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