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written down so that this films the Russia cameraman that pulls a hand to illuminate with cummer. They a group the name is follow me (the photograph Ceng Feng of Flollow Me) noes the whole world, cause numerous netizen follow the lead of. According to report of American website Businessinsider, they will repair Cheng Zhengguo eventually this year in June, this cameraman is formal after marriage also from bask in cummer to amount to person Rong Sheng to be dazzle wife to amount to a person. We let see the honeymoon of this young to sweetness husband and wife illuminate together below.

This is Mulade and graceful tower Li to sweethearts name inferior, they begin annulus to swim from 2012 the world, had filmed in a lot of places such as Paris, London, Tokyo and Venice the photograph that pull a hand. They will be husband and wife in Muscovite formal ties this year in June, their marriage gauze involves fingerprint type according to what also remain mark sex.

After marrying, this cannot let off the main chance of the graph that bask in the United States naturally to having deep love for young husband and wife of the journey, began the brigade of the honeymoon of two people sweetness. The public house of lake of beauty of top class and costly restaurant that the first station of two people honeymoon pulls Siweijiasi for the United States.

They patted Las Vegas' beautiful scenery in each angle of hotel balcony.

Subsequently this comes to Maldives of Asian beautiful island country to husband and wife, taking surfboard open a paragra

ph of intertropical beach swims.

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