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In new network integrated day intermediary will report report on July 22, japanese premier brings times advance 3 formal a few days ago decisions, the World War II that will publish August this year 70 years talk in use introspection formally one word, the talk publishs date to be in surely this year after August 10.

An Beijin 3 (the data pursues)

According to the report, the content that installs times talk this will be being elaborated afterwar on the base that makes contribution 70 years to international society place originally with some day, allude what Japan advocates all the time is active pacifistic.

The talkfest of Japanese a man of insight that talks around this will to this country the government is referred about discussion transaction, knock calm content finally by the government, plan to be in this year after August 10 publish formally external.

As we have learned, how times hold to this talk content to be fundamental key in order to look into future all the time. Accordingly, the content form of this talk or will go to be opposite while Japan starts a war to cause disaster to undertake introspection for homeland and circumjacent country, emphasize afterwar Japan to insist actively all the time to regard peace as the country, advance peaceful course.

Specific and character, its content will include Japan to offer ODA aid, militia to attend action of U.N. peace keeping actively to wait a moment for each country, will insist in order to reflect Japan to be determined pacifisticly actively henceforth.

Popular wishes respect, what Japanese joint company carried out a few days ago is afterwar findings of 70 years of public opinion shows, be necessary write the speech that dominates to apologize with aggression with respect to colony in the gets the person that visit to think Japanese premier installs times Jin Sanjin summer to will be published talk of 67% , occupy think to do not have than outclass necessary 30% what write.

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