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According to report of Xinhua News Agency, according to Armenia Panorama website message of military region of south of Russia of 13 days of cite reports, quarter at Armenia the 2nd big city officers and soldiers of base of Russia military affairs has war game 19 days to this month since this day.

The message says, this army perform investment 3000 soldiers and 500 wars equipment, miG - 29 opportunity for combat will be joined act. Predict 30 thousand to this maneuver will shoot artillery shell, bullet 300 thousand.

Russia is stationed in Jiumuli martial radic

al position hopes to help gram city at Armenia, garrison 3000 people. In addition, russian army is in inferior Ailiwen builds the capital additionally have air base. This year si
nce the beginning of the year, russia is stationed in the training intensity of Armenia soldier to be increased ceaselessly.

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San Francisco always receives proposal of house set on fire newest: Seize suspect motive to did not disclose... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海千花网论坛


Aircraft of # horse ship breaks couplet # [Ma Hang is newest respond to 3 big doubtful

point] ① is denied report of New Zealand people says to Ma Hang, in Vietnam in the sky the sea area that sees the plane catchs fire and doubt of discovery of satellite of crash ② China seems unidentified thing, search for still b
e aimed at without fruit ③ media coverage says, several hours of signal ever were sent to the satellite after the United States investigates an orgnaization to state the plane breaks couplet, this one message is not belonged to solid. (Reporter Sun Yan)

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The United States appears infrequent enteroviruses D68 already affirmed 664 people affect 4 children death... [阅读全文] 栏目:千花网后花园


Xinhua net Berlin on August 11 report (reporter Guo foreign Pan Xu) China is stationed in German embassy 11 days to hold film party, war of Resistance Against Japan of commemorative China people wins 66 years and " 918 " emergency 80 years.

On September 18, 1931, army artillery piece hits Japanese east of Sha

nhaiguan country battalion of northeast army Beijing University is attacked to Shenyang, made those who astonish China and foreign countries " 918 " emergency; On July 7, 1937, japanese army brazenly assaults the Lu channel bridge of boreal smooth outskirts, japan is invaded China the war erupts in the round. Chinese people is forced to take arms, through 8 years the war of resistance against aggression of showing the utmost fortitude gains a victory, japan announced a surrender at discretion on August 15, 1945.

During war of resistance against aggression wins 66 years, china is stationed in German embassy to invite Chinese of about a hundred overseas Chinese and delegate of student studying abroad to watch the movie jointly " too on travel hill " , review history of that paragraph of redness of skin.

China is stationed in German embassy to face a times to do Li Nianping to say, the backside of all and great victory has the sacrifice of great life, have engrave history and abasement only, with Shi Weijian, just know act vigorously to enter with up.

After seeing the movie, many guest express, the happy hard-earned now, answer to be cherished well, only ethical solidarity ability condenses force, ability makes our nation and country win the respect of

the world.

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Coerce should let Aobamawei Russia pays cost to deal with in detail measure did not explain... [阅读全文] 栏目:深圳蒲神改名深时代


Service of provide for the aged of att

ention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austra

l Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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American Washington city one assemblyman dies to win election of be reappointed consecutively one week later... [阅读全文] 栏目:阡陌社区广州验证


Login register government of Wu Kelan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to dismiss army senior officer not armistice radical complementary explode again bleed conflict origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-02-21 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

□ " take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly of Wu Kelan condition " track

Black army senior officer is removed

Because do not support pair of put on a show of force person assault; government and opposition agree " armistice " hind, base complementary yesterday explodes again bleed conflict

In Wukelan capital radical complementary, demonstrate person people move

Victor Yanukeweiji of dispatch Wu Kelan's president will announce the net austral Fujian 19 days on Feburary 21, he and opposition leader agree that evening temporary " armistice " begin to negotiate. Nevertheless black overcomes Lan Ren to did not greet the peace that look forward to, still not " armistice " the army senior officer of assault of the person that the government dismissed to oppose pair of put on a show of force. Capital radical complementary street erupts 20 days again bleed conflict, personal casualty is disastrous. Law intermediary says, although both sides agrees " armistice " , but posture more preparing for war like each. Meanwhile, the United States announces senior to about 20 Wukelan official executes a journey to restrict 19 days, big stick-means of intimidation of punish of European Union brandish, russia approves the west " blackmail " .

Bleed building of ceaseless and curule evacuation government

According to Russian intermediary report, wu Kelan minister of foreign affairs Kezala expresses when accepting CNN TV station to interview, plan of Wu Kelan authorities establishs associated government and the problem that constitution reforms with opposition discussion, but different idea holds presidential election ahead of schedule. He still says, authorities satisfied the requirement of demonstrate personage almost, but " the responsibility that looks like opposition not to plan to assume his " . He still points out, the amount of radical organization is increasing. Meanwhile, police receives firm order, must not use offensive weapon to demonstrate personage.

Flower intermediary reports, although government and opposition are reached temporary " armistice " agreement, but participate in " armistice " the leader of radical nationalism organization of the talk says to won't fulfil truce agreement. Wukelanwei gives birth to a ministry 20 days to affirm, base complementary 20 days new round of conflict makes dead number already rose to 35 people. Get hurt at present the number amounts to 505 people. In conflict, demonstrate person light flask and block to constabulary cast, police launchs shake to explode play. Both sides criticises the other side shoots.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, wu Kelan is main of governmental building curule already from withdraw inside the building. Base Nuo of Ye of complementary mayor mark announces 20 days to exit hold political party, assume responsibility alone.

Does the army intervene? Airborne troops is come by tone base complementary

The relevant order that carries according to Wukelan's president website, fulajimier Zamanna is removed chief of the general staff of Wu Kelan armament holds commander-in-chief post concurrently, by naval commander-in-chief blame in replace of · Yi Liying. Media coverage, use force because of the person that do not support pair of put on a show of force, zamanna ever got the welcome of Wu Kelan opposition.

Row of Wu Kelan's defense minister fastens Jeff a few days ago in order to protect weapon library the 25th independence airborne brigade gets Luo Fu Si Ke to be moved to from Nie Bai those base complementary, these lift army of command of execution to whether intervene equipment gets attention. Same day, national security bureau confirms Wu Kelan, because condition is exasperate, this bureau will be begun in Wu Kelan whole area fear the move instead. Office of information of Wu Kelan department of defense makes a statement say, wu Kelan armament may participate in this to fear the move instead.

Minister of foreign affairs of the Three Kingdoms of European Union deal with goes to black to consult

A diplomat of American says 19 days to the reporter in Washington, the United States has been overcome to about 20 black orchid senior official executes a journey to restrict, the United States maintains what these officials answer home of 18 days of black to bleed conflict is responsible. American official returns a warning to say, if black condition is farther exasperate, the United States implements preparation financial sanction.

Yanukeweiji is in 20 days base complementary meet Germany, France and polish Foreign Minister, hold negotiation with respect to this politics crisis. Predict 3 abroad are long will submit package plan to Yanukeweiji, include punish and incentive measure, with facilitating Wu Kelan government and opposition come to an agreement, end violent conflict. They will fly back to Brussels of European Union headquarters subsequently, the European Union that attends to discuss Wu Kelan situation technically is special conference of minister of foreign affairs. Media predicts, the European Union will publish the punish measure in the light of Wukelan on the conference.

Because fear western country may implement sanction,affect thereby economy, 3 the most wealthy entrepreneur of black home begin to use force to Yanukeweiji, the hope resolves the crisis through negotiating with opposition as soon as possible.

□ relevant news

Does town of military importance announce autonomic false information western?

The intermediary outside occupying reports, strife spreads to each district of Wu Kelan whole nation, be in western urban Lu Ci Ke, demonstrate person make a surprise attack and occupied headquarters of area administration building, police and building of a Home Office. Demonstrate person pull the district senior officer of central accreditation to a square from inside the office, get on his handcuffs in a post, approach he signs abdication.

According to British media coverage, black overcomes parliament of Wo Fu of benefit of town of military importance of Lan Xi ministry 19 days to announce autonomy. Area of benefit Wo Fu has grumous close Europe tendency, be in at present Wukelan capital radical complementary a lot

of opposition that have turning over governmental put on a show of force and commotion come from this area.

Before dawn of small gain of Xinhua News Agency expresses, at present this one message already was confirmed to be a rumor by website of government of government of state of benefit Wo Fu. Government of state of benefit Wo Fu publishs statement to say in government-owned net, meaning of the person that spread this rumor is in incendiary animosity, impose the area con

dition with nervous already play. (Xin Huazhong is new)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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