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Washington of China News Service on July 7 report battleplan of a F16 was in air force that day south the crash after the barge against in blocking Luo Laina city and sky of small-sized and civil aircraft, safety of air man of opportunity for combat is played piece, the personnel on civil aircraft engine and casualties circumstance have not decide.

Engine of F-16 opportunity for combat falls by car of a house

Bureau of American confederative aviation said that day, local time in the morning 11 when make, f16 battleplan and C150 of Si Na of a place of strategic importance are small-sized and civil the barge against in plane sky, the accident blocks Charles of Luo Laina city to make an appointment with 11 miles suddenly south location space. Spot eyewitness expresses to media, plane barge against is spatio-temporal in appear tremendous bolide, like producing explosion. The picture that local TV station broadcasts shows, billow of smother of F16 crashing spot, fireman is working.

According to beautiful army and local police bulletin, f16 air man is played in the safety before prang piece, already was found by ground personnel. Small-sized plane crashing position already also decided Saisina, but Shang Buqing records case of a few people, casualties on Hunan plane sealed also.

Experience thing battleplan belongs to an U.S. Army to be located in south the air base of card, put in headquarters of air force air battle 's charge administer, air force expresses to will expedite working group investigation to bump into machine reason.

According to American media coverage, air force takes the place of from 1970 begin flight F16 battleplan, still many F16 are in now enlist in army condition. Since 1975, f16 battleplan appears 359 times accident, cause death of 84 air man. In recent years record of safety of this battleplan flight is improved somewhat, 2013 money year produce an accident 7 times, 2014 money year did not produce flight accident.

Plane of C150 of Si Na of a place of strategic importance is a commonner odd engine small-sized and civil aircraft, standing two seats, no matter flight ability or airframe

are self-prossessed far abdicate at F16 battleplan. (Reporter Zhang Wei like that)

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