Situation of fire of Canadian forest conflagration is exasperate thousands of person is forced to withdraw home

Local time on July 4, 2015, canadian Sa this lukewarm province of thorough of noise made in coughing or vomiting erupts silvan conflagration, the people is urgent and scattered.

In new network report will report 7 days according to central company on July 7, situation of fire of Canadian forest conflagration is exasperate, aerosol already began to envelop low poem province today, at present already thousands of person is forced to withdraw home.

Canadian government already was in south of island of Wen Ge China, dawengehua area, area of and other places of river valley of the sand that reach phenanthrene gives out air quality to report.

Air quality bureau expresses Dawengehua 7 days, silvan conflagration has exasperate appearance, the area can smell even Dawengehua now smoke flavour. He says, this silvan conflagration is compared before any one even serious.

Air quality bureau points out Dawengehua, aerosol may come from sunshine coast and sea day region. He points out, there is 3 to be in silvan conflagration in afore-mentioned areas. Wind en

ters smoke area Dawengehua area. Out

side removing afore-mentioned zones, low poem saves inland to also many is in silvan conflagration.

Canadian government advises the patient that has chronic and old people and child to should stay inside house, do not go out.

Spread as a result of silvan conflagration very fast, at present already thousands of person is forced to withdraw home, have not the people of evacuate withdraws probably also inside cutty time.

A few a few days ago, a worker of 61 years old that collect wood dies when helping fireman put out a fire. Last week, government of low poem province prohibits infrequently also people outdoors makes a fire. The temperature that the heat wave that begins at the beginning of June already saved low poem is pushed to record-breaking new tall.

Low poem saves silvan hall to grow Shangmusen to express, come from the personnel of silvan fire fighting of complete Canada and American Washington city to already all was joined at present, but hand still is used not quite. Shangmusen expresses, to 5 days till, low poem province already had 866 to be in silvan conflagration, and in, increased 27 point again.

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