German people takes place a robot to atttack incident: A worker dies (graph)

Login register masses of Germany of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to produce a robot to atttack incident: Does a worker die (graph) origin: ? Discharge  A sunshine?2015-07-02 15:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel [summary] cause trouble robot is OK work side-by-side with workers on product line, still do not need safety basket

Beijing time on July 2 message, according to England " financial times " network edition report, german masses is located in a factory near Kasaier to produced tragedy one case recently, personnel of a technology because dash forward atttack misfortune to die by the robot.

The graph is the robot on assembly line of German people company

This technical personnel that dies unfortunately this year 21 years old, it is an outside contractor, the robot is being installed together with the colleague when the accident, but robot however seize his bosom, exert all his strength next press on an iron plate. According to " financial times " be stationed in Frankfurt reporter Kelisibulaiente (Chris Bryant) report, this technology personnel is not treated again because of the injury die.

Procuratorial work mechanism already launched investigation with respect to this matter. Be in the factory of western country, few meeting produces the dead event that concerns with the robot, the reason is the robot can be put be at the back of safety basket, in order to avoid they and human accident contact.

But in this tragedy, station of the as it happens when accident of that technology personnel is inside safety basket. Because personnel of the 2nd technology is in outside basket, was not allowed why to be harmed.

People company spokesman emphasizes, cause trouble robot does not belong to robot of new generation lightweight, latter and OK work side-by-side with workers on product line, still do not need safety basket.

People corporation shows, this robot does not have occurrence technology breakdown. (compile / Qing Chen)

Come from Pingwest Chinese net " did robot of German masses factory commit murder really? "

If the robot in your impression is figure of such person cultivate hurtless all the time, be afraid this news can make you disappointed.

England " financial times " report, german people group is located in the Zhou Sanfa of a factory near Kasaier to give birth to tragic event one case, a technical personnel of 21 years old encounters the robot bumps misfortune to die.

The story that a lot of China readers see is such: According to saying, when the accident, the victim is finding a place for with the colleague one lies together the robot of static condition. Unexpectedly, robot seize he, belong to a puncture with one gold nugget his bosom. But this is an interpreter mistake actually.

In fact, england " financial times " textual for The 21-year-old Contractor Was Working With A Colleague To Install The Machine When He Was Struck In The Chest By The Equipment And Pressed Against A Metal Plate. He Later Died Of His Injuries. The Struck in article should be translated into bump and rather than to capture, this technology personnel is bosom is bumped when installing a robot by the robot, be pressed on iron plate to the injury is weighed and die again. Textual report is industrial accident to this explanati

on, robot of and rather than commits murder intentionally.

FT Chinese net

Normally the circumstance falls, these robots will work inside an area that close, be in charge of assembling assemble car component. When the accident, victim as it happens lies close inside area, and his colleague is in close outside area, because this is done not have,be harmed.

Heiko Hillwig of

people group spokesman is responded to, this robot does not have occurrence technology breakdown, conclude temporarily the accident is bring about by mistake. In addition, cause trouble robot also does not belong to newest generation robot they are making public area and workers side-by-side cooperation, finish assemble the job such as the car.

Current, this case still is undertaking investigating. German media reports, local inquisitor is considering whether to lodge a complaint. Nevertheless, the problem is, who should sue?

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