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Latest news:

Central observatory on July 12 10 when release typhonic yellow early-warning:

This year grand of Can of the 9th typhoon today (12 days) in the morning by typhonic class abate for strong tropics storm class, its center was located in at 9 o'clock in the morning on the offing of Yellow Sea south that makes an appointment with 540 kilometers toward Han boundary south by west, it is north latitude 33.3 degrees, the east longitude 123.7 degrees, the biggest wind-force has 11 class near the center (30 meters / second, class of strong tropical storm) , central lowest atmospheric pressure is 980 100 handkerchief, kilometer of 200-350 of radius of 7 class solar or lunar halo, kilometer of 80-100 of radius of 10 class solar or lunar halo.

Predict, can grand will with horary the rate that 40 kilometers influence is fast and northerly slant Oriental to shift, intensity continues abate, will be in at 13 days of before dawn ministry of Korea peninsula northwest is landed again littoral, the intensity when landing arrives for tropical storm class intertropical and low-pressure class (7-8 class, 16-18 rice) .

12 days 14 when to 13 days 14 when, area of mouth of north of channel of Yellow Sea greater part, Bohai Sea, the East China Sea, the Yangtse River, Zhejiang is upper coastal, Shanghai coastal, Jiangsu peninsula of coastal, Shandong is coastal will have 7-8 class strong wind, partial marit

ime space or area wind-force can amount to 9-10 class, the around offshore wind-force that Can grand center passes has 11 class, flatus can amount to 12 class. And other places of Jilin the eastpart part, Heilongjiang the eastpart part has heavy rain or torrential rain, among them, mix Jilin the local district of and other places of Heilongjiang southeast ministry has big torrential rain (100 ~ 120 millimeter) .

Defence guideline:

Government and relevant section had been done according to duty defend work of lash-up of typhonic rush to deal with an emergency;

The exercise on water of relevant water area and associate with shipping ought to answer harbor to take shelter from the wind, consolidate haven establishment, prevent shipping to go anchor, hard and fast with collision;

Stop room inside and outside the outdoors danger such as large assembly and headroom works.

Consolidate perhaps is demolished easy the content that be built by what wind puffs, personnel do not go out at will, answer to need the place in windbreak safety as far as possible, ensure old person child stays in the safest place in the home, dangerous house personnel is transferred in time. When typhonic center is passed wind- driven meeting reduces quiet perhaps period of time, be sure to keep in mind blast to will be blown suddenly piece, ought to continue to stay in safe place to take shelter from the wind, dangerous house

personnel is transferred in time.

Grand of Can of the 9th typhoon did not come 24 hours this year method probability forecasts a figure

24 hours of gale forecast future of grand of Can of the 9th typhoon this year graph

24 hours of precipitation forecast future of grand of Can of the 9th typhoon this year graph

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