Greek fail to repay expire debt becomes developed country of on IMF history first break a contact

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Greek fail to repay expire does debt become: of origin of developed country of on IMF history first break a contact? Nobeliun this  Sheng Markets 2015-07-01 09:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] this is IMF encounter first in the history develop circumstance of economic system beak a contract, reach scale of single beak a contract the biggest event

wealth of 2 euro region is long reject Greek demand the request of critical support, greek fail to international Monetary Fund (abbreviation IMF) repays debt of due about 1.5 billion dollar. This is IMF encounters first in 70 years of histories develop the circumstance of economic system beak a contract, and the event with the biggest dimensions of single beak a contract.

One is in the graph broken, imprint the pocket money pot that has pattern of Greek national flag.

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice confirms in a statement, greek government fails to be in end to repaid a few days ago debt. Debt of break a contact is worth this country Greek during turning over constrictive government and its creditor to be in confronting situation, this kind of circumstance already turned this country the brim that break down to finance and quits euro division potentially.

Rice expresses, IMF already informed its carry out a board of directors Greek and formal be in condition of break a contact, after paying off debt ability obtains the fund of IMF again. This organization expresses, greek place carries the request that extends the reimbursement deadline that orders Zhou Er to expire formerly, will hand in in opportune opportune moment vote by the executive board of directors of IMF.

From technical level for, in the trustee of IMF if 70% agree with this request, IMF can allow the reimbursement after this country is delayed. Nevertheless, this loan orgnaization already made clear, never had agreed with this kind of delay since 1982, be opposite unlikelily also this Greek break rules.

Greek premier Qipulasi stabilizes a mechanism to Europe (ESM) put forward two years lengthen deliverance to apply for, in order to pay future two years Greek all finance demand, include debt to recombine a plan. Offer according to this, the aid with Greek new hope plans to help its pay 2015-2017 year the debt of a due 29.15 billion euro. The rescuing plan of the 245 billion euro that this draft resolution that signs by Qipulasi still asks delay is existing. But, outspread the rejection that the requirement that recombines with debt sufferred euro region wealth grows.


reek become IMF historicly to be in debt first developed country of the club, member of this one club before this has the poorest state such as Sudan, Zimbabwe only.

In the distance invalidation of Greek Shu tired agreement has last hour of a few hours only, money of euro area each country is long rejected Greek premier Qipulasi to concern the appeal that lengthens Shu to strand an agreement, this lets Greek in this country financial system is close to during breaking down, lost help finally straw.

In the telephone conference of a brash organization, the response of tired request of the 3rd round of Shu that money of euro area each country grows to also put forward accidentally to Qipulasi is cool. Zhou Er, in the letter that sends euro area fund of deliverance of 500 billion euro, qipulasi put forward the request of 29.1 billion euro, this is Greek the newest turn that confronts each other with international creditor acuteness, a lot of people feel Rangbulusaier accident.

Truly of official of a few Europe pondered the ground to reject this kind of appeal, and someone else guesses, qipulasi this action is to plan is stranded to hold the whole people with respect to previous Shu in this weekday only fair the force in home is strengthened before casting.

Time node

Meanwhile, greek the bank that is close to going bankrupt prepares to receive European Central Bank (this conference is in the very may pivotal meeting that ECB) Zhou Sa

n holds tired agreement of Greek and current Shu just is held after invalidation. Greek somebody is afraid, of the urgent loan that European Central Bank may raise to extend to manage Greek bank operation currently in the administrative committee of Frankfurt assure requirement, this action may bring about this country financial orgnaization has to close down at least.

Weekday is Greek will hold fair cast, whether does the decision accept new minister provision. Greek government opposes the new minister provision of conditional severe exacting, but European Union proponent weighs this fair casting will be to concern Greek the decision that whether leaves in euro area. Cloth of Yi of new moon of minister of finance of the Germany before this is strapped in the parliament to express, if Greek fair projecting a result is to oppose deliverance provision, greek also need not quit euro division.

If fair in casting, most constituency cast ay, analytic personage says, this may be forced currently hold the post ofthe government that opposes deliverance agreement provision nonofficeholding, the new combination government that is willing to undertake negotiating with respect to deliverance agreement with Europe and IMF to establish levels road.

If if it is so, one of first jobs of a Greek new government that can strive for more and critical financing will be possible it is to repay to IMF be in debt. The countervail debt obligation that fulfils pair of IMF will be Greek need on the long way that restores financial health most one of step that take first.

Direct seeding is Greek debt crisis

06:16:03 IMF: Committee will consider Greek request appropriately

06:15:00 IMF: Reimbursement of Greek request delay

06:14:38 6 month 30 days of deadline (Beijing time on July 1 06:00) already passed, greek and formal owe break a contact to the 1.7 billion dollar of IMF

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