Aobama explodes oneself love is answered " name-calling is believed " incoming letter of half the number weighs his " idiocy "

Regard millions of people as the public character that fix eyes upon, american president Aobama can receive number to seal c

orrespondence everyday. He expressed to media a few days ago, oneself can choose return of 10 letters holograph everyday, include name-calling letter.

Occupy daily of The Hill 13 of network of American politics news to, aobama says when accepting program of first gear recreation to interview: I can receive 40 thousand correspondence, email probably everyday or mobile phone short message. I can reply personally in the evening everyday 10 among them. Aobama says, in received letter, have acknowledgment letter already, also have critical letter, even it is goofy that somebody writes a letter to scold him directly, but he is believed to these 3 kinds treat equally without discrimination, won't carry only praise letter reply, because this meeting when occasionally people gets a letter in reply feels very amazed.

In covering a process, aobama still from ridicule: Working personnel of the White House is very professional, the person that let me know half the number sends a letter call me idiocy. These le

tters can make me temporary leave presidential position to ponder over a problem, maintain close tie with the people.

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